December 26, 2013

I Wanted Orange

I've been trying to incorporate orange into one area of my living space, doing a slow job of it, but finally had a good opportunity.
A couple of chairs came into my possession, but they were a color I do not care for. They had old lady written all over them, and since I really don't want to even teeter on 'old lady', I couldn't leave them alone.
Well, that and I'm Scatty... someone who can't leave anything alone anyway.

These are the chairs.

They had strange rails between the legs, that looked out of place to me, and since one of them was a bit on the broken side, I removed the rail from each of them... This meant I had to fill in the holes left behind.

So I started by taping off the legs so I could paint them white.

Then I took them outside, cut the right size holes in an old sheet, and taped the sheet on to protect the fabric from any overspray. I decided to make the legs white! This is after one coat...

So then I got this:
But I still wasn't ok to have the mauve color.
So, my plan...
I watered down orange paint, and used it like a stain on these velour wing backs.
Using a very stiff and artificial paint brush. I watered down paint to the color I preferred, and brushed it on. Here I made a splotch of wet paint so you could see how it was applied.

then I used my hand to rub it in AFTER using the brush as good as I could. Since they are velour, I didn't want the nap to be stiff with paint. Yes, I could have used a glove, but I rarely think of that before I get covered in paint. I worked IN the house on a big piece of cardboard.
Here is a pic of the two chairs side by side after I finished the first.
And here they sit in the room.
Everyone who sees the chairs, and hears they are painted -wants to know all about the paint... Well, there is a lot to say on this subject. I first tested oil based paint "watered down" with spirits. That was no good because it seemed to never dry, and the last thing I want is to have orange on clothes after sitting... So then I went to the store to buy some wall paint to water down. THIS is the ideal scenario.  Wall paint watered down will still be 'solid enough' for the wear and tear I want, and also not rub off. I happened to check the clearance section and they had a can of bright orange paint, so I came home with it, and found out it was ACTUALLY peach. I didn't want peach chairs, so in my keen-ness, I went the route that meant these are not totally colorfast. I used orange acrylic paint I already had. The only issue here is if someone sits in the chairs with wet clothes, the paint will likely rub off onto them a little.... UNLESS I give them a coat of waterbased clear coat, but I'm really too lazy to do that. Since I don't have children, and so few people come into my house with wet clothes, I'm good for now.

I hope I haven't left you saying: "but... but..." with questions. If I have, let me know.

I'm RATHER pleased with them. :)
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