May 22, 2013

Me and chairs.... *rolls eyes*

I seriously think I might be at maximum chair-capacity in my house!  Just as I am with lamps! There are no more odd corners where a couple chairs could sit together for a quaint conversation area... (Oh wait, I can think of ONE. :-D )

The problem is I see two or three unloved chairs, I have a vision of their potential, and I can't resist doing something about the ugliness.
Even chairs want to be beautiful!!

I've ended up with two more chairs because I went to the Park City Recycle Center again, this time with my mom. She wants to make a potting-bench in her garden, and wants to include a sink in it. (not with running water) I had no intention of getting anything for a project, but there these two chairs sat, all ugly and only $5 each....  they were begging for my attention.
I must say that the style in my house is a bit modern, with some mid century modern pieces, so I tried to talk them out of wanting to be mine, since they are far more 70-80's. But as I kept insisting no, they kept insisting yes. So I caved in, admitting $10 was a good deal.

I am realizing that I often don't photograph process when I think everyone knows how to do it, but, I should.
Sorry, but this one doesn't have much process.
Turning the chairs over, I located the screws holding the cushions to the frames, there were 4, so I removed them. Then I sanded down the wooden chairs and painted them with spray paint in the color of white... slightly creamy... the name is escaping me, and I didn't save the can! (sorry)

Then I went through my fabric tubs to see what color I would incorporate in the chairs (considering orange in my head) and I found a couple great fabrics I bought over two years ago. I only purchased a yard of each because I had no reason to buy then other than I liked them. These were NOT upholstery fabrics, but simply a cotton... However.... because I have cats, and I hate cat's getting on my furniture, I always do that crazy cat lady thing and put a clear vinyl over my chair seats when I recover them. Cats hate laying on that stuff, so I use it. Which means the durability of a thin cotton fabric wouldn't be a factor since I would put vinyl over it anyway.
These fabrics were blue and brown. Two different patterns, but easily coordinate-able.

Next, I taped off the cane weave backs.

I wanted to "stain" this section to match the fabrics. I taped off the front and the back of the chair... watering down some water based paint.
(Tip* You can't use an oil based paint or "stain" to "antique" when you have painted with spray paint because spray paint is oil based. The one will kind-of wash-off the other. You always have to use the opposite. SO, IF I had painted the white chair with a water based paint, I would have to use an oil based paint to do my staining with.)

Then with a rag in hand, I painted on the watered-down paint, and wiped it off immediately... leaving the color to live in the grooves. Slightly hard to see here. I did this outside by the way... painting on a surface like cane is likely going to create spatter, and I'd rather worry about cleaning up paint from cement, than not knowing what it might have spattered in the house.

I did one chair blue, and one brown -to match the fabrics.

Then I covered the cushions after tearing off the old fabric. This is my least favorite part because of removing all the staples, and taking the time to staple the new fabric on smoothly. I didn't add the vinyl at the same time, I put the fabric on, THEN put the vinyl on. Yes this requires a lot of staples, and I prefer using my staple gun that attaches to my compressor. Hand staple guns love to go in crooked or not far enough. A pain in the neck.  Then I screwed the seats back onto the chairs.

I realize people are probably getting sick of seeing everything blue and brown as far as my projects go... SO, you might be interested to know I have been trying to incorporate ORANGE into my main kitchen/dining/family living space. It's slow but sure.
I will show you some orange projects in the near future. In the mean time, here are the finished chairs!

The fact they aren't mid-century modern doesn't matter so much since they seem to be cool hang'n out with my slightly eclectic modern style pieces.

A side note...
If you are a follower, you know that I started blogging "self improvement" posts a few months back.
I decided I would keep this blog for physical/home projects, and start a new one for the self improvement and thinking "stuff".
If you would be interested in reading: you can find me posting there far more regularly than I do here.
It's or
I'm spending lots of time finding new perspective these days, and needing an outlet for it. :-D
For now I will continue posting a project a month here on GetScatty.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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