April 21, 2013

Pictures in Frames

 …finding ones that speak to you

You know how friends on fb share random pics of what they are doing? Well I have a friend that I don’t know well yet.(Tammy -full of great shares and humor.) One day, they were going bike riding, and she shared this Awesome Photo…

I messaged her asking if I could please have it!
The lines, the colors, all of it… spoke to me wanting to be framed and in my house!
I have a blue frame sitting empty waiting for me to find just the right pic. I will not admit how long it’s been empty, but I will say I can still count on one hand the lonely years it’s been incomplete and unloved.

Tammy took her pic with a cell phone, so the resolution wasn’t ideal for a 10x10” frame. 
What I usually do when that is the case, I play with it in Photoshop and add an effect!

Here is mine after adding aqua to the sky, applying a vignette, and playing around in the filter gallery:

And here it lives on the bottom shelf of a narrow side table in my front room.

Great Frame right?  These metal frames came from a Warehouse Sale at DCWV a few years ago. I looked around their website, but I can’t find they still have them. If anyone knows differently, maybe you could comment with info?

Anyway, I have a few in the house that I’ve filled with pictures that have meaning… old photos that speak to me.
Here is my older sister in my moms coat close to 40 years ago. (On the wall in my office.)

Here is my older sister and I…  Overly serious!   -Looks like an Instagram pic…

 Then I thought I’d throw in this last one, because this photo I also played around with to make it what I wanted. I took it on the beach in LA last summer… The gate had peachy paint peeling off, and I didn’t want that color, so I selected the gate and changed the color to green.

It's possibly time to get another print made. Nothing to say that a $9 expense can't be swapped out every 10-12 months right?

I used to have WAY too many pictures in frames throughout my house. I’ve toned it down, and I try to make sure the ones I do have like the room they live in.

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Ali said...

I REALLY want to come and live in your house. I LOVE the look of it!