December 30, 2012

Not like we need more fun stuff to make, but....

My friend Krystal, needed to come up with a gift for a co-worker. Like the smarty-pants she is, Krystal went looking at that co-workers pinterest boards. She found something that the lady had recently pinned and would be fun to make!  While she was at it, she decided to make more than one for Christmas presentsJ

So this post is not made by me, just written and photographed by me.
Since last years Christmas time project was also inspired from a pinterest image, I thought I'd stick with that theme. The so many great people with great ideas theme...

Since it’s always handy to have more than one reference before doing a project, here’s where the idea came from:

Keep in mind, the type of candy and style of the ribbon can be changed to suit the current holiday... So this isn't just a Christmas idea!

This project uses: 4" Clay Pots, 5" Clay Saucers, Glass Bowls, Wooden Knobs, Ribbon, & Spray Paint. Oh ya, and some glue. Krystal Used E6000.
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The pot ($1.29), saucer (.99) and wooden “doll heads” ($1.49) came from Michaels.

The glass bowls ($3.99) came from Hobby Lobby.

The spray paint, ribbon, glue and candy costs will totally depend on where you buy them from.
Look at the fun ribbons Krystal found for her gifts!

Now, this is only going to take a minute to explain.
Spray all sides of the clay pieces and the wooden doll heads.
Glue a doll head to one saucer, and glue one saucer to the bottom of one pot.
When dry, tie a ribbon around the narrow part of the pot.

Fill the bowl with candy. (which is frankly the only expensive part of the gift!)

Position them all together for an adorable candy jar that resembles a gumball machine.

NOT gluing the glass jar to the base means you can easily wash it as needed.
Krystal's mother did the same project with a textured paint, and it was far harder to get coverage on the clay pot. My guess (since I have used countless spray paints) is the textured paint soaked into the clay too easily. the texture was there, but the color wasn't. The texture also wanted to clump up on the clay creating an uneven appearance, and the extreme spray force in the can made the doll heads roll around while being painted... Not good.
So to sum up, just use plain ol' cheap paint on your pots.
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