November 28, 2012

So many great things get shared

If your're a regular to fb, (which I am, and hate admitting) you no doubt have countless inspirational sayings you come across that you share, but just get buried on your wall.

I have realized that since there is no image folder for the things we share, I could keep track of all these great sayings if I were to save each of them and then post them as though they were mine.  So, ya... I don't.
I have to scroll through my timeline and find them if I want to remind myself of these great images and cool epiphanies someone had and turned into a graphic.

Yes, there is also Pinterest, but that too would mean effort and I just never have time to prioritize fb "images".

Once in a while you come across a gem that speaks to you. This saying spoke to me, and frankly I don't have reason. ~ I just like it!
It says:
"Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there and shine."

I chose a font that fit the saying, and I laser printed it on plain old white paper, in a size that looked right. (Lucky for me, the size I guessed was the right size on the sixth try... jk, it took me two goes.) Then instead of having any straight edges, i cut out all the words with curves just like this.
I got a canvas, some paint: 3 shades of orange, 2 yellow, white and red. I brushed them all over as quickly as I could. Being a perfectionist, if i decide ahead of time I'm not going to give myself many minutes for something, I can achieve the desired result. Messy was what I wanted, so i gave myself 5 minutes to get the paint on.

Here's where I kinda skip taking photos of things you probably know how to do, and i just offer up explanation. 

* Setting the words on the canvas, I figured out placement.
* I got some 50 cent school glue, painted it onto the back of the paper with a paint brush, painted glue onto the canvas where it was going, and lay the word in place. Then painting glue on top of the image also so that no edges lifted.
* When all words were on, and the glue was dry, I got out my orange paint again, and messily brushed the edges of the white paper with paint... kinda insisting the words fit in.
*Then, with the color from the wall the canvas would hang on... (blue) I painted around the edges and between some words; also rough and messy.

One of my goals with this project is/was to change the coldness of the room. I love the blue paint, it's super happy and friendly, but really, it's a little cold. As you saw from my last post, I already have bright green in the room, but i think I need something more than blue, green, and white. Orange is the ticket.
I'm actually so happy with it, I'm daydreaming about an orange floor.... kind of a commitment, so it will remain a daydream while I bring more orange accessories in.

Can ya tell I'm running out of big projects in my house?  I'm working on that... ideas are hatching, so don't give up on me sharing the big ones.
Being single means I don't have as much money to go around, but it isn't stopping the ideas. Watch this space...
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jennifer said...

Great idea Natty! I have a few bare walls that need a pop of colour and this just might be the pop I need.