October 27, 2012

Seeing the Potential

I've said before I can't leave anything alone... and while that's not entirely true, it is for all the cheap things I manage to get my hands on.

Everything in this image was cheap, and 5 of the things are different now than when they started.
Frames painted white, dresser stained with handles painted, lamps painted, decorative circles painted green, and flowers totally altered.

This next pic is kind-of a before pic, although I didn't get all the frames in the shot. I had 8 white empty frames on the wall. Dresser off center because of a heater vent, and this little arrangement in the middle... which I'm quite fond of.
This post is specifically about the flowers...
The center piece for the dresser. I found it at Hobby Lobby broken, so it was marked down from $29.99 to $12. (Can't see why anyone would pay thirty bucks for this. Broken means the really big ugly bow was missing from the front) They are a cast resin type of thing, and as you clearly see... painted the brightest pink they could find.

Me and the primer headed outside. After a pretty good coating, I spray painted it white. Ya, you can still see pink bits, but for what I have planned this doesn't matter so much.

Once I got the whole thing white, I used painters tape to mask off flowers from stems.

Then I wrapped the white flowers in plastic wrap and added more tape to hold it in place.

And the green paint came out to play.

Once white and green were done, I grabbed a yellow Sharpie Paint Pen. These pens are oil-based, just like spray paint, which is actually very important. You can see I made a slight mess, cause the end of the pen was not as small as the detail I needed it for. BUT... I'm trying to learn that being a perfectionist is unnecessary, so I let it be ok in my head. :D

Then I took that old Tupperware tub I used in my last post, put water in it, and poured in some brown water-based paint. Now I know I've "antiqued" many a thing, and you may have heard me say this before, but truly, it's key to getting a successful effect.... Paint with oil based paint and antique with waterbased paint, OR paint with waterbased paint and antique with oil-based stain. The rubbing off of the "stain/antique" can mess up the paint job if they are the same.

Using my hand to lift the watery-paint onto the flowers, I coated them. (Best to use a glove, she says after she didn't.)
This is why the slight bits of pink won't matter.They will not remain after this step.
Then using two rags I could throw away, I wiped off all the paint I could. I say use two because your fingers will make finger prints.... And that looks strange, so work with cloths in both hands.

 Replaced the white vase and single daisy with my new creation.

Tried to wipe as much paint off the petals as possible so they are white. Also, you can wet a rag and 'wash off' some of the paint if necessary. This is one good reason to use a water-based stain you mix... more control.

I'm not yet sold on the bow. I might change my mind and wrap the ribbon, tying a knot and tucking in the ends since I'm not a real frilly girl, the bow feels a bit much. What do you think?

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