August 10, 2012

Same Chairs Underneath

One of my oldest and best friends is my biggest fan.... Irrespective of a blog, regardless of any outside influences, she tells me that her newly remodelled home "has you in every room". (If that isn't enough to make a girl feel good, I don't know what is....)
We brainstorm together, we talk about what we want to achieve, figure out how it can happen, and then slowly but surely move forward... Sketching out everything that requires figuring out. Talking about it to give ourselves the girl-confidence required to "rip and tear, hoping to repair".

So... This friend; lets call her Trisha, She is nearing the end of a remodel on her home that started with her, a sledge hammer, and no commitment of cooperation from any family members. (this has since changed)
Her style, her dream, her home, is turning out just awesome!! I was there yesterday taking pictures for this post, and wow.... these things take time when you do them yourself, but the end result is beauty and satisfaction that keeps you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

K, back to why I'm here posting....
I did a makeover on a round table, (antiqued it) and shortly after I did, I got another old table that I did a make over on, and ended up not needing the first table. It went up into a spare bedroom until Trisha's make over, and her old black table was no longer what she wanted. Since my round table was going unused, and it was the right size for her space, she took the table but needed chairs to match.

"Where am I going to find 4 matching chairs?" She wondered.
Well, four black NOT matching chairs are available for a make over....
So, she sanded down her old 4 chairs and brought them to me.

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