April 30, 2012

Bedroom Shutters

This image I found online inspired me to make myself half shutters.

This post is long over due. One of the things stopping me from sharing is I have yet to paint the finished product.
I will get there, but this is a lesson in procrastination…. When you MOSTLY finish a project, and the one thing stopping it from being complete doesn’t stop you from USING the project, you sometimes quit.

I quit cause I put it in place, telling myself I would get them painted shortly. I didn’t. I won’t say how many months it’s been, but I am ashamed…. *chin drops*

Another thing that stopped me… I was so keen to finish them, I did a cruddy job at taking photos of the process. (sorry… the good thing on that is, this is a short post.)

It was when put wainscoting
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