March 31, 2012

Painting a friend’s room…

...and not painting the walls solid.

It started all because of this printing plate. My cute & thoughtful friend Makenzie and I were in a consignment store and found this cool printing plate. The matt was water damaged, and the frame was rank. But the plate… very cool.

I had intended on sharing the make over of this plate, but it was far too boring; spray painted the frame, bought new double matt, and that was it… too easy.

SO, instead, the project became painting Makenzie’s room so this lovely new plate had somewhere to live.

Here’s the before pics.

Makenzie wanted a gray color on the walls,
I came up with a stripe design that was pretty detailed, so I had a plan… It occurred to me that a chalk line would be ideal for getting the stripes I wanted. I went to Home Depot, and looked to see if I could find a dust off chalk… whatdoya know... found. With a second pair of hands, I started snapping up my lines.

It takes a little forethought if you are going to be doing multiple tape lines in order to get your tape right… I won’t give an example, but if you do a project like this, using different stripe widths, you will see what I mean. I liked the idea of having the chalk line on the side where the paint WASN’T going, so I could use a damp cloth to wipe it off when it was finished.

The measuring, chalking, and taping took some time, just warning you since most people think of taping as a quick job. (Just going to throw this out there… I hate sensitive painters tape. Ya, when you need it you need it, but it is rather crap.)  I taped around all the doors, the window, and I planned the stripes out keeping in mind where these fell. For example the height of the window vs. the height of the closet door.

I’m not going to bore you with pics of lots of tape, so this post is pretty much over… ;)
(Painters-tape-tips at the end if you want them.)

 She's going to get night stands... I've started making-over lamps for her. (surprise surprise ;)

 The printing plate looks good huh?
 Painters Tape:
 I would say that there is a fine line between too wet and too dry when removing painters tape. If you HAVE to do two coats, leave the first coat a very long time, -over night if you can. This ensures the first coat is as dry as possible. If you paint a second coat too soon, the first coat is ply-able and will peel off when you try to remove the tape. ONE way of stopping this is to use a sharp Stanley knife to cut through the paint at the edge of the tape… this is best used if you allow both coats of paint to totally dry. I almost never do this cause two coats of paint means a thicker layer of paint that could peel, and it’s time consuming cutting through the paint.
What I prefer to do is one thickish coat, and remove the tape immediately…. Like paint one wall at a time, and remove tape before moving on to the next wall.
ALSO… to get a really nice finish, you always want to work with a wet edge. Don’t paint all your edges, and THEN paint your centers. (many people do it this way, but I’m too picky, what can happen is the paint that dries first can have a different sheen.  Just say’n.)
Always best to remove the tape immediately before the paint dries. Yes it gets all over your hands, but there are ways to minimize that. Also put it straight in the bin, since it’s wet, you don’t want to accidentally get the clump of wet tape on anything.
Bleeding under the tapes edge:
We all know how easy it is to get paint bleed. I tried really hard to avoid this in this project, but it still happened. What I did was use something to scrape it off when it was mostly dry. Leaving it just wet enough to get off, but not letting it harden.
What some people do is paint over the tape first with the color underneath. In this case white. Then the bleed is white, and goes unnoticed. I just hate having more layers of paint… since that just makes it harder to remove the tape… so depends on the job as to what I’d do.

My first “job” (giggles) at the age of 13/14 was working for my friends dad. He paid she and I to help him paint at his construction sites. I caught the bug… I begged my mom for years to let me paint the kitchen, she wouldn’t, but eventually I was allowed to paint the bathroom…white. Memory says that was white over white. Not exciting. Anyway, I’ve been painting ever since. Couldn’t possibly count the rooms. 
I have a lot of opinions on what paint, how to paint, and how to get the desired result. If you ever need a go-to-gal for what-paint-where… you can use me.

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candygirltwo said...

Can I just say you are truly amazing with your ideas and talent. I love it, miss ya


Natty said...

Miss you too Miss Candy!
It's been too long.