February 29, 2012

A Bird on the Wall.

Saved by grace, or in this case, saved by leap year! February got away from me, but I’m still managing a project posted with a date of Feb! (By the skin of my teeth… yes.)

So, I have this white wall… you may have seen my Christmas tree this year, it lived against the blank wall. I have had a few plans for it, but none have panned out.

A few months back I found a canvas on clearance at Hobby Lobby discounted down to $20 because it didn’t have a protective plastic cover.
I’ve been saying I would pull out my artists smock and have a go, but I’ve been too worried I’d ruin it.
Recently I’ve been looking around Pinterest and loving all the Bird things I’ve been seeing… so I made a Board of Birds, and stared at them long enough to feel I had courage.
I’m not a “painter” of paintings, I’m a painter of walls -and the occasional graphic image, so this took some self encouragement.  Go on. Natty…. You can throw up colorful paints in the shape of a bird….. And I mean throw and up as two separate words. Confusing the two would mean failure. I’m not after a bird that looks thrown-up.

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