January 15, 2012

The Season for Scarves!

It's like I'm cheating with this project.... and it's really not a project so much as a solution.
When I was looking at giving my closet that make-over last year with shelves and multiple hanging rails, I had seen this closet system in the Ikea catalog:
One of the parts in the catalog I cannot find on their website, but it was the most exciting piece of the system to me...

It was right before I did my closet make-over that I stopped by Ikea, and had a wander through their AS IS section... And guess what I found... Yep, the piece that excited me the most. But when my planning the closet happened, there really wasn't room for it, so I didn't use it. Simply hung onto it, and for the price; it really didn't matter that it went unused.
I know... right??? Can you even believe how cheap? I left Ikea like a Cheshire cat!
So here it sat unwanted for about a year, when one day I had the most basic and easy of ideas.... Attach it to the wall and hang scarves on it!
Since I only gave MY SIDE of the closet a make over last year, there still remained a corner unused and left empty. (DH doesn't have as many clothes, so his side was left alone.)
With my plan in place, I bought these:
These are simply a plumbing pipe support. It pulls apart in the center, wraps the pipe, and gives you holes to screw through. Cost was more than the Ikea closet piece. These were $4.11 for a bag of 6.
I then found the studs in the wall, and screwed it up! (letting the distance between the studs pretty much determine the angle.)
I can hardly contain my happiness over pulling my scarves from various places and putting them all in one location. I could also hang belts, trousers, DH's ties, and I even have a tall pair of boots that I want to get a clip for and hang from this.
Like I said, CRaZy EaSy. =)
On the subject of scarves, here's a great link...
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Connie Mercer said...

you make everything look easy~nice work!!!

Andrea Amu said...

Clever, clever... as always, Ms. Natty!

Love all those beautiful scarves too! ;)