December 4, 2011

Time again for a Christmas tree…

Decorating a Christmas tree isn’t the most exciting project in my house, not by a long shot. But it has to be done.
I put the tree up and fluff it ready for lights, husband does lights, and then I decorate it. On Natty’s step1 of getting it up she failed to get it to stand straight and had to go asking for help.  Asking for assistance is not my strong suit, especially when it’s something easy I should be able to do myself, but I got myself all angry and ready to put the tree back in the bloody box, so help it was.
Within just a couple minutes tree was straight and I was underway.

Since I was so happy with my tree last year, I didn’t really fancy coming up with something totally new this year. I wanted to do it mostly similar, but incorporate some blue. Last year it was all green and white.
First thing I did was buy some of those berry clumps. I tell myself that berries look like polka-dots, so my tree needs them.
Then I made some “icicles” out of beads; mixing blue with a hint of green. They were a cinch.
I got out 3” headpins. (I was fully prepared to use wire and just make eyepins, but since I had the long headpins I didn’t bother)
Pulled out various beads, strung them from small to large. 
Then bent the end of the headpin to the side. This is a crucial step:
Using round nose pliers bent the end into a simple loop.
Hung with a curly wire.
Here are the other decorations I added. (again, most from last year)
I added a few mismatched odd balls too. (I've managed to delete the pic of my glittery snowballs, so there's a bunch of them also)
The blue isn’t obvious from a distance I realize, but that’s ok. I’m happy.

A friend in Norfolk said she put a kitten on the top of her tree... I've been on the lookout, so if I find an angelic white kitten, he's mine!
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Connie Mercer said...

love your site!!!! the ice sickles look amazing!!!!! I invite you to my site:):)

Connie Mercer said...

just had to come back and TY for the visit!!! Your blog and YOUR skills are so impressive!!!! Thanks again!!!

Suzanne said...

wow simply amazing Nat! love every stitch of it!

Andrea Amu said...

You are unbelieveable! Come decorate my tree next year! Those
icicles are soo cool! Love the snowflakes hanging on the walls too!

Happy New Year, Natty!