December 31, 2011

I think I have a sickness…

It’s “make presents” sickness.
Every year I try to tell myself not to make some gifts, and then I find a gift to make and do it. Thinking it will be EASIER for me to do this than find things to purchase and give; so I relent as always.
I did a few things this year, making earrings was one since I have so many supplies and didn’t need to buy anything. But not everyone could I give earrings to, and some people had recently received earrings….

So I went in search of another idea.

Finding a cute one I thought was very fun, would be easy to execute, and very inexpensive. 
Why would I keep looking right?
Here’s the original idea: (Click on the image to go to the blog post. I totally admit to not reading it... so maybe you'll want to. I just saw the photo on pinterest, pinned it, and ran with it.)

Here’s what I did:
I went and bought a bunch of hand soaps, peeled off the labels, and cleaned up the sticky residue using adhesive remover. I will say the goo-gone was better than the un-du for this.

Then with clean bottles I started on my sticker.
I needed a border. This border was not a digital border, it’s the border of a stamp I have, so I scanned it into photoshop.
Then I found some fonts I liked and a saying.
Measuring the face of the bottle, I determined the size it needed to be.
When I finished the image, I put multiples on one sheet in illustrator and created a pdf. Then I went over to Kinko’s with it and had them print me two sheets of my image onto clear sticker paper. I would not want to print this myself as I only have an ink jet printer, and obviously, a soap bottle sticker is going to get wet!

I came home, got out my concentric circles Coluzzle template and cut around the image.

Attached the stickers, and tied a bow!

A fun suggestion, if you want to have an image showing through from the back… create an image, invert it before you make a pdf and print it. Then attach the sticker to the back of the bottle, and it will read correctly from the front.
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jennifer said...

Great project!
I love that you have "a sickness" because it provides me with lots of inspiration :)