July 25, 2011

Unattractive jewelry?

So often pieces of jewelry have elements we like, and elements we don't. This no doubt stops many of you from purchasing, even when it's a good deal, cause heck, if you won't wear it... you won't wear it.

My friend was in town for a reunion, and we went shopping. We found a wonderful boutique called Cherry Lane Keepsakes on University Ave in Provo.  CUTE place… so much to see!  They were having clearance booths outside, and that’s where we started. My friend noticed something she thought she liked, then upon closer look she said, “ah, well, maybe not…” So I looked at it and told her… “$5!! We need these!!  I can turn this into something you will wear and love!”  So we each bought one.
This is what I made of hers… she now has a fun bracelet and earrings to go along with the cool necklace… The only addition was a pendant she also found at the same clearance booth.

Then I made this for me:
Pieces of chain we removed from hers, I added to mine, along with one more length of chain... crazy fast actually.

Never pass up a bargain just cause it isn’t exactly what you want.  Make it yours.
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