July 25, 2011

A mini-make over for a guest room.

So, I decided that I needed a pink wall in the green guest room. I have a friend with a pink wall in her bedroom, and it’s so adorable.  I’ve been thinking for about a year now I might need a pink wall too. (Shhhh… I am thinking of painting the laundry room pink too. After all, I did buy a gallon.)

So my green guest room was where I decided to take my friends inspiration and make it reality.
This picture is an inspiration I’ve hung onto. I like how clean it feels, so yellow would be part of this room too. I realize there is no pink in the picture, but we don’t always need to have images that inspire us looking like the finished idea in our heads.
This is one corner of the room, the white wall is the one I want pink. You might be able to see that I left a white border around the green walls. (I have two green walls opposite each other) I am going to do the same border for the pink wall, so I taped it up.

Lickety-split, up went the paint.
Now onto the next project before I show you the finished wall…
I decided this guest room needs a desk. I’m a big fan of modern mixed with old, so I came up with a plan.
Remember the two old legs I didn’t know what to do with? Well I decided they are going to be the front legs of a desk.

Here in this picture I have parts for my desk. (I only photographed one of each thing)
A desk top from IKEA $4. (normal price) Two random “as is” book case top and bottoms $2each.  Two free legs found in an alley (literally.) Two of 4 feet from a junked dresser that I will add to the legs for height. Not in this picture: the things I decided I needed along the way.
So the legs weren’t dark enough, I sanded them and stained them walnut. I didn’t do a hard-core sanding job, I like the uneven-ness that not sanding an old finish completely off will give. (I also screwed pine discs onto the tops of the legs so that I could screw the discs onto the table top.)

Then I chopped those two book case parts to the height I needed. I determined the height by adding the feet to the legs after those discs. This is what the hollow book case pieces look like cut. I put wood glue all along the edges and along the cardboard, putting them in place on the underside of the desk top.
 Then using L brackets I screwed them to the desk top. I have two types of L brackets because I used what I already had… (‘bout time I used some of the crap I collect.)
Then I decided to make sure I have stability, I should add braces between the white sides at the back… found two scraps of mdf for this purpose… Plus they are already primed!
Using a small piece of scrap wood for a spacer, I nailed the brace into place. (Nail Gun is my favorite tool)
Then I used the same spacer again for the second piece of wood.  YES… I managed to put the first piece of wood on backwards. There I was all excited it was already primed, and I put it on backwards. Nevermind.

Now… what about the holes in the bookcase parts???  Well, white filler is my friend for this. Both sides of the bookcase parts had holes so I filled them all, let them dry, then used a wet cloth to wipe them clean and flush.
I painted the back braces white, and turned it over!
Not the most amazing piece of furniture in the world, but it’s exactly what I wanted.
Enter cute yellow chair…
I put a white curtain on the window, and a white duvet on the bed. Using blankets and pillows to bring the bed color.
If you are familiar with my blog... you recognise a couple projects in this photo:
OH, and... This bed I bought at a yard sale about 4 years ago... It was black and I paid $5!!!  Not kidding!

Colorful photos into the frames, and I call that a great little mini make-over.
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Andrea Amu said...

Love the pink and green walls!
Such a cute guest room! I'll be your guest! ;)