March 27, 2011

What’s my deal with lamps?

Seriously, why the heck should I get all hot and bothered over lamps?  I have more lamps than I have tables to set them on, and I’m even trying to think of ways to trade out old lamps for new….
A couple lamps I’ve posted on my blog I’m gunna try and sell so that I have LESS lamps, mainly because in the last month I’ve given a home to 3 more lamps.
This is one of them:

This lamp has been in my mom’s home so long I don’t know where it came from or how old it is.  It needs to be rewired, washed, given a make over… and I after convincing mom she really needed to loose it, I got inspiration and wanted to keep it!  It was when I pictured it w/o the shade that I thought… It’s endearing.
“Of course you did Scatty” (I heard you say that.)

Look how worn the shade is… this netting stuff actually rubs off the shade. So I tore off the frills, and I rubbed down the entire shade. Used my fingernails mostly... I didn't want to poke any holes in it.

Then I bought this cute fabric… I wanted polka-dots, but couldn’t find just the right polka-dot fabric, and then I saw this… It matches a room, so that room and this fabric are new mates.

I cut the fabric the right shape to wrap around the shade.
I set the fabric on a piece of cardboard and used a spray adhesive that creates webs as it sprays… This was no good. Every tiny place where the adhesive was ball-like, it saturated the fabric, making it look splotchy with something wet…   Hopefully you can see in this image how it's not a fine spray.

This is where I tell you all spray adhesives are not created equal. There are some that are heavy duty, and great to use, but when you have something not heavy duty, like my thin of fabric here… It’s no good.
So I got out all 3 spray adhesives and found that the one best for the job: 3M Super 77.  

It sprays a fine mist that sits more on the fibers of the fabric –like it’s floating. PLUS it doesn’t dry so fast that you don’t have working time.

I asked husband to hold the shade, turning it slowly, while I rubbed the fabric onto it. One arm inside the shade for a surface to push on… the other hand wiping along the fabric side to side till the two ends overlapped. Then the edge of fabric at the top and bottom I just pushed right around onto the inside of the shade… This was so crazy easy I wasn’t sure I was done.

I’ve been thinking of incorporating some dark gray into the room, and I reckon this lamp is the beginning of something cool.
I have a project I want to do, just need some electrical help from dad… Looking forward to sharing that one… And this Lamp might live in a new location when that project is finished… Watch this space. (I love a good plan)

Thanks for looking! Thanks even more for commenting.
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Kara Henry said...

Oh, dear! I love, love that base! It's just like Fenton hobnail milk glass, which I love! I'm dying for a piece of my own. And the lampshade is darling!

marlu said...

It surely isn't that old but it reminds me of some lamps we had in the bedroom in the '40's. . . I was a kid. Darling and I do like the make-over.

Chunky Monkey said...

I have that same lamp!! And I love what you did with the shade. too cute.

Jen Gallacher said...

WOW!! I love how it turned out, Natalie!

Andrea Amu said...

Ohh, Natty, I too have one of these lamps... twas my grandmothers! I think it's a sweet lamp, but you did a good thing by changing up the shade! I need to look for a new one for mine as well... in fact I saw I cute damask one at Target tonight that may work perfectly! :)

Ali said...

I love, love, love the fabric that you used! Why don't you live closer to me???? :(

Connie Mercer said...

enjoy your blog so much~have visited for years tonight I became a follower~hope you will visit me.

Natty said...

Wow, great blog Connie!