March 6, 2011

A Fancy Chaise

My friend Becca called me and asked if I would consider covering another piece of furniture for her. (She's the friend whose settee I recovered in blue and used for my blog banner before I returned it to her.) She sent me a bunch of tiny photos on my cell and was considering buying the chaise based on whether or not I thought I could recover it. She said it was only $75, so I told her that if she loved it that much she should get it cause the photos were too small to see much. 
And she did.
It's long enough that I found it hard to photograph all at once...
This is the foot:
This is the head:
You can see it's rather flat, and falling apart.
This is to show the color it once was...I think I like it better faded.
Another angle of the foot.
Another of the head.  Seems to have had a hard life huh?
I tore it apart, removing all the fabric, horse hair, dust, straw, hessian, bugs, & spiders.  That tail looking thing on the ground, is clumps of horse hair... Ewwww is right. Look at all the dirt falling out of it. Yes I thought I might get sick... but didn't.
Look how basic... I was rather shocked how the fancy looking thing was really just a few bits of wood with some fancy pieces nailed to the sides. These springs were so broken and uneven I decided they would have to totally go.
Sometimes when I get 'stuck in' I forget to take photos.. I did this between these steps. So I'll just add, I sanded down the fancy scrolls of wood and I stained them. Repaired one of the feet that had a piece missing, and bought high density foam to stick inside the chaise skeleton. I cut it quite a bit to achieve my desired shape. (electric carving knife purchased from a yard sale)
I then covered it in a thick batt.
I notched out the foam so that it would live inside the wood frame, AND on top of the sides... That's what I'm trying to show in this photo. The rough wood hung onto some of the batting as I was playing around with how I would cover it... hence the white spider web looking stuff.
Then... I skipped photos again, sorry. This was not an easy project, and I was really concentrating.  I took the black velvet fabric she wanted, I cut one main length for the top, then I stitched twisted piping to the edge, and then stitched more velvet to the other side of the piping.  This was the second to hardest thing... making me decide I don't like doing re-upholstery. LOL  Silly I know, cause I recover everything... But I decided that although I think this was a success, I don't want to do it again.

Before attaching the sides to the frame, I stuffed batting up into the sides for a puffy soft look, and then I trimmed the velvet at the edge of the decorative woodwork once it was attached with staples. Then I attached a black decorative braid over the edge of the fabric and against the decorative scrolls.
If you are in anyway shape or form inspired by this project, I just want to give you a bit of warning... Expect to spend huge amounts of time on it. Yes you can do it, yes it is hard, yes it is beautiful when you finish, but YES it takes lots of time.
Sorry my photos are a bit dark, as I mentioned it's big enough that photographing it all at once is tricky.
I'm pleased I got the head of it higher than the foot, I didn't care for it looking so flat.
Thanks for visiting... Sorry I'm not such a frequent poster lately. I'm ready for summer and yard sales! Not so many unfinished projects floating around this time of year :)  I'm thinking of painting some walls... again.

Becca was pleased... In fact, she uses it for her Boudoir Photography:

Click the photo to visit her new blog.
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