January 23, 2011

Funky Lamp Shade

 My aunt gave me an old rusty shade skeleton... (She knows me too well)  I sanded off the chunky, dusty rust, and out came the aluminum colored paint.
I had a remnant from JoAnn's that I loved and didn't know what to do with. Once she gave me the shade frame, I decided this was where the fabric would be put to cute use. (this photo is the most accurate for the color of the fabric. It seems to change from photo to photo depending on the lighting)
I made a paper pattern by taping two sheets of paper together, and laying it on the frame, drawing lines where the metal was and then cutting it out with a seam allowance.
Then I stitched all 8 together. In this image, I have one last side to sew.
All 8 sewed together, now I need to stitch the top and bottom around the frame by hand... (yes, by hand. I'm not so much a fan of a hand sewing.)
Here's the finished lamp, living on a table of nearly the same color. I'm thinking of stitching some small beads along the top edge at the bottom of the shade... I say thinking cause that would be more hand sewing.
New subject.... What on earth should I do with these two cool table legs?
I've had them for a few months now, and I can't think of anything I'd want only two legs for. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, can you split the legs in half and turn them into corbels.....they would look good under cabinets or counter top!

Natty said...

Great suggestion Stacy!
I wonder if I can find someone who could do that for me.... Thanks.

Lynette said...

Think about outside.... maybe there is something you could do with them to make your yard look really great! Also, you have to show us some of your good pictures and give us some photography advice. I really need you!! Thanks Nat! Love ya tons!!