January 23, 2011

Free chairs (It's been a while, sorry)

So I'm posting two projects, both small, but both cute.
This first post is a project I did in the summer. I was out yard sale-ing and passed a "Free Yard Sale". Everything was Free... seriously. I stopped, expecting EVERYTHING to be junk, but I actually picked up lots of stuff that I would have happily paid money for. Three of these chairs included.
Now, I know I don't need more chairs, I have chairs coming out the wa-zoooo. But I like them, so I took them.
I figured I could recover them in a couple hours... Nope, took a day and a half. Not cause of anything, I just always underestimate how long an easy project takes.
As I once said, "Quick and Easy are not the same thing".

So here's the before:

Kinda scary eh? I unscrewed the bottom from the frame, only held on by 4 screws, then I unscrewed the back, also held by 4 screws. I popped the two back pieces apart and covered them in fabric separately.
Then I used a pin gun to put them back together. I spray painted the frame aluminum color after giving it a bit of a sand. Then I put them back together!
I'm happy with the finished product!  It ended up costing me $26 for the fabric.
You probably think I have a house full of hodge-podge mis-matched chairs... Ya, I do.
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K said...

i like this project--i have a chair just like it, but with a woven rush seat. wonder if i could recover it? good to see you back and thanks for sharing ~k