December 10, 2010

Recycle cans a different way. -short & quick

 The garage is not my husbands, it’s mine. His interests aren't in the vein of creating, so the typical creating spaces in the home, are all mine.  Tools?  All mine.  Mess?  All mine.

This is a short project that doesn’t even need a how to… so I will just share what I saw and what I did.
I enjoy the Better Homes & Gardens magazines “Do It Yourself” and “100 decorating ideas under $100”
I got this one out of the latter. (Spring 2010)….

I don’t have a place where I need cute painted cans, but I do have a place where I can use this idea… so off to my garage I went… since my garage is not lovely, I skipped the step of making the cans pretty, and I screwed them to the wall as is.

There weren’t studs in the wall where I wanted them, but I have no intention of putting heavy things in these cans; they will just help me keep my work surface cleaner in the garage, so I didn’t worry about wall anchors. Just screws. If you are going to put anything of weight into yours I would definitely recommend you use anchors into drywall.

First I drilled two holes into each can. 

Then I just screwed them up!
Something worth mentioning… You can’t use cans smaller than your hands or deeper than your screwdriver… Putting screws in is hard if you can’t get into the can to turn the screw.

You COULD use some liquid nails on the back of the can if you wanted them to hold heavier stuff and knew you wouldn’t be taking them down any time soon.

So now I have a way to keep my work surface free from all the messy things I don’t want to throw away, like my sandpaper scraps, plastic bags, pens, rags, gloves, and junk that takes up space.
I just put them up randomly like the picture infers. Plus you can add to it anytime as you get cans and need more space :) 

Thanks BH&G, Next time I’ll give YOU an idea.
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