December 12, 2010

Dollar Store Décor…

I decided this year I didn’t want to put up the same tree decorations.
I have a different color on the walls from last year.  I also have two kittens that will go wild climbing the tree and enjoy breaking my glass decorations.  I think a new plan is more than necessary.

So since I don’t have money, time, effort, and all I’d need for a fancy new tree…  I headed to the dollar store.

They had a bunch of snowflakes, many ugly, some cute, so I figured that’s it, I’m gunna do snowflakes! I already had some green glitter leaves and I figured white and green would be cool!
I bought these foamy flakes:

These plastic flakes… in packs of 6!
These “flowers” reminiscent of snow:
Some white ribbon:
A garland to fill in some hole-y middle:
A pack of 15 bobbles which I strung up with thread in the garage and spray painted with white gloss.
These are the glittery leaves I already had:
Next was the tree… I decided that I had to have a small tree up on a table so the kittens don’t drive me crazy climbing it constantly.  Husband suggested we put the top and middle sections into the base, skipping the bottom section… and guess what? It worked! So this tree is 2/3 of my normal tree.
I guess I have to mention the empty frames… I have every intention of putting pictures into these frames, 8 empty frames are calling out for beauty, I will get there… I will. And I will share what I end up deciding on… (My photography of course, but how I narrow it down to 8… that’s what’s stopping me.)

And then I went through my old decorations and pulled out random snowflakes I had... and white bobbles... I didn’t have very many, but I got them out.

I used Command hooks (for Christmas lights) all over the wall behind the tree to hang the foam snow flakes from…
And I got this:
It took so little time… and so little money.   I don’t think Christmas has ever been this easy. LOL
White sheet I dug out of a fabric bin to cover the stand… I’m spoiled this year!
I almost forgot.... Thanks husband for doing the lights..... again.....
Kittens can only stare up at the beauty.
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shellie said...

It's Beautiful Natty!

Karen Pinsonat said...

Wow Nat, that is GORGEOUS! Come do my tree :-)

kelly said...

so simple, yet beautiful! i hesitate to 'do' a tree every year because it's so much trouble, but you've made a little go such a long way! thanks for sharing! ~k

kelly said...

p.s. could you just place photos in the frames, then replace every day or so? a constantly evolving work of art! also, love the snowflake treatment you gave them today!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous, Nat! You have a great eye (and a clever husband!). Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Kathy M.