November 23, 2010

A fitting project to share

Let me take a quick minute to say thank you for being so great!
Most of you that read my blog know me, and your kind words over loosing my little buddy Jelly have been so sweet and heartfelt. I appreciate you.
If you read my post about loosing Jelly you will remember that Jennelle’s cat had a litter of kittens the Monday before Jelly died. Well, I got two of those kittens. (yep I said two.)

That sounds so silly, like two kittens will fill the hole left by her… no they won’t, but I decided something as I was trying to choose which kitty to have.  My old cat Phish is nearly 11. Jelly ran him ragged, and it occurred to me that if I got two kittens they could run each other ragged instead of Phish, and Maybe just Maybe he will enjoy their company half as much as he enjoyed Jelly’s. If it weren’t for his sad expressions since we lost Jelly I might not even have decided another kitten is a good idea yet. I feel so deflated from the whole ordeal, & two new kittens crapping where they want and hanging out under foot is not a fun thought yet.

Nonetheless… I have them & they are Super Cute.
So, here is a project I made for Jelly in the spring. She used it, and now these two little monkey’s…. er, I mean kittens are climbing all over it also.

It’s a crazy simple project, so my how-to is not very detailed.

Basically I screwed a bunch of 2x4’s together. Sandwiching some as "arms" outward between boards, and making something that could live in the corner of the room nice and out of the way.

 Then I did some measuring and I cut a piece of scrap carpet into a type of a sleeve for the stem/middle. I attached it with a staple gun.
 Then I covered each arm with another piece of carpet.
 I cut a wedge shaped piece of wood for the top so it could be more of a look-out perch. The whole thing only stands about 3 feet tall.

Here it sits finished in the corner. 
 Here is a short video if it being appreciated by little monkeys… disguised as kittens.  LOL
I will just throw this in...
I have so many fun projects I want to execute, I can't believe how much inspiration is in the air!!!
Oh Time.... Where are you Time.... I know you're hiding..... Tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmme?
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kelly said...

such a cool project! i don't have a cat, but if i did... ! they are so cute, and busy! glad you are having fun with them. hope phish is too! ~k

Lynette said...

Nat!! This is an awesome blog!! I love it!! Wow!! I love it!!Thanks for sharing all your ideas. And thanks for sharing the story about Jelly! You took us all with you and I love Jelly! You have talent... but i already knew this.