October 20, 2010

Short but Sweet ;)

I am kicking myself about this project now that I have it finished.
I didn't know how it would turn out, so I did no process photos..... seriously... I know that sounds impossible, but it's completely true.

I did it a couple months ago, and looking through my photos, there's nothing... not one, and I don't remember taking any... so the AFTER is all I have to share. BUT I will tell you about it.
I bought a funky wicker looking pedestal from a yard sale, I paid $1 for it. It was the dingy-est cream color you ever saw. I tried cleaning it before I painted it, and nothing... it made no difference, so I just went ahead and painted it with a cheerful blue spray paint. The gal I bought it from thought it was a laundry basket... :D
So, then I made a circular form/mold using a table "skirt" I had for a small table. (Purchased from a furniture factory in a bundle of stuff I bought a while back for $30.)
I mixed up some cement from one of those cheap bags you buy at Home Depot for like $3.50, and before I poured it anywhere I lay a garbage bag down on the ground, spray painted the bag, set my mold onto it, then poured in the cement. I tried to do this quickly so that my spray paint wouldn't have a chance to dry.
(Side note here: Spray paint doesn't really spray well onto a garbage bag. I had to keep spraying it thickly because it seemed to just disappear... Then I worried I was taking too long, so I went ahead and decided an uneven color would be better than no color at all.  So I went ahead and poured the cement onto uneven paint.)
I pushed the cement down with something flat... (A round piece of wood that I hammered on. This part was not thought out previous to this step.  You can see why I wasn't thinking I would end up sharing this one.)

I left it two days to dry before I removed the mold. I had screwed the two sides of the mold together so that I would be able to easily remove it when it was complete.

The paint turned out good I think. I do wish that I had mixed up even more cement... A thicker piece wold look even better. Again... didn't think that through.
It's a bit heavy, so it just sits atop the pedestal base, not attached, and since this isn't in a location to get bumped, I'm cool with that.

The little decoration on top was a wire basket I got from a yard sale. I stuck a piece of fabric I had into it, and then stuffed it with flowers from the dollar store and ones I already had.  Fake but cute.
Worth sharing?  Not sure, but I like it.
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kelly said...

very cool project... i love the use of cement these days! the paint technique looks really great, and beautiful blue color! thanks for sharing ~k [p.s. hope your days are getting better since the last post]

Ali said...

Well I like it! What's not to like about it or anything else that you put your bright little brain to!!! I imagine it's heavy but because you have no littlies and because it's not in traffic, I LOVE IT!!!

How are you? :-)