September 26, 2010

A Couple of Paintings: No cost.

With a fairly new color on the walls you’d think I’d be quicker at hanging some decoration up. Well I’ve been super slow, but here are two things: coordinating canvases, and a mirror.

I bought two already painted canvases from a yard sale for next to nothing, I painted over the paintings already on them; one black and one white. Then found a pattern I would like to replicate.This is a poor example of the circle pattern, but this is what I had.

I put my paint colors onto paper plates, and got out plastic cups.
I used dry cups without paint first so that I could see where my circles would start and end on the edges of the canvas, and then I set to coming up with a pattern of color.
 I used the bottom of a 1 cup measure for my imperfect white circles. These were applied after the first layer of circles, but before the second layer of circles. Only onto the black canvas.
 Here is the white one. This has a slightly different order of color. In this one no color intersects itself. You can see my paint on cup edges are imperfect, but this is the look I was after since I started with imperfect colors on the canvas to begin with. If you look closely at the black canvas, I made sure small areas of white still peeked through.
 I also painted a red frame white that my friend (thestampinmom) gave me.
 Then I used pink watered down paint as a wash. Wiping off the paint on the raised edges before it dried. Same as I would for antiquing something with walnut stain.

 I like how they turned out!

I've been posting too many paint projects... I need to try and post more of my projects that don't involve paint.
Projects w/o paint aren't hard, getting me to sit down and post... that's hard.  :D
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some kind of wonderful said...

just love looking at all your beautiful creations!

Ali said...

I am SO glad that you do take the time to both do all those gorgeous projects and go to the trouble of posting them for us. I appreciate the step by step ones must take
F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!!! love all of them though :-)

Anonymous said...

You are going to laugh, I met you at the Spanish Fork Shopko a few months ago. But I love your posts! You are so creative. My sisters love your ideas too! Thanks for sharing. Julia Andersen Perry, UT

Natty said...

I remember you Julia! We were standing at customer service...
Glad you said hello, and I'm pleased you and your sisters enjoy having a read/look.

Ali & Kristy, Thank you as always sweet friends.

Andrea Amu said...

Girl... these are sooo fun!
And that frame... LUV it!

Anonymous said...

I remember the RED Frame.....and the tad bit of drama that went with it! ;) lol!!! You are the coolest, coolio, cool cool kid ever!! I wish I could hang out with you!!