August 19, 2010

Love Me a MakeOver.

I have a bunch of small projects that don't need a post of their own. These are all paint or stain make overs.
Sanded this little night stand, then used a yellow wall color I already had.

This is a $5 lamp shade that didn't allow lots of light through the sides, so I figured I could get away with spray painting it. I taped up the insides and the metal, and went to town.
Used this color.
Look at them both now...  I figure when you have a tiny night stand, you should pair it with a floor lamp.
(If you are wondering what that thing is on the night stand... it's a vase of bunnies.)
My friend tried to sell this for $10 at her yardsale, but because flat screen TV's are so common, nobody even looked twice at it. When we finished, she said, "Don't you want this?" And I was like... "OK, I have an old TV that could live on it."  So this is sanded down and ready for primer.
This is primed.
This is painted white in a semi gloss.  I have just started to stain it with my favorite... ya, walnut stain.
This is the finished puppy. I keep the old TV in a closet so I can hide it when I need to.

Same friend with the yard sale was also selling this. It's a cut out matte with construction paper behind it. Look how the green construction paper changed over time.
I ditched the paper, painted both the matte and the frame an oiled bronze color of spray paint, and now I'm gunna put family members photos in the openings :)
This beauty my cousin gave me. She no longer wanted it, and I said yes please.
It had a few scratches... so I had to give it a good sanding.
This is the whole thing sanded after removing the metal drawer pulls. Now ready for Walnut stain.
Since I wanted the drawer pulls silver, I decided to paint the screw heads too... This is my solution for not getting paint onto the threads.
Used Aluminum color spray paint.
And this is my finished dresser.  I like it so much I'm not putting it in a bedroom, it's in my main living space.
(The strange lump between the two lamps is my kitty Jelly. Just like Phish, she's gotta get into anything box like.)  
I don't know if I've mentioned the lamps before... $7 each new. They came with these shades, but the bases were cream... So I gave them a coat of white spray paint, and now they are complete.  They also used to live in a bedroom, but since I'm pulling this bright green into my living room, I brought them in.

Hope I make ya feel like buying a can of spray paint!
Thanks for stopping by  ;)
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kelly said...

thanks for the 'catch-up'! i've been waiting a while for a new post! ;) i love seeing what you've done because it encourages me to do the same... with a little thought and elbow grease, anything is possible! thanks for sharing with us! ~k

wendyp said...

(picking my jaw up off the ground now) Wow! Nat, you're projects always amaze me! I am so happy that you posted how to do the TV stand one because that is exactly what I want to do with my dining room set. I inherited my dads oak furniture and although I love it because it was his I really don't like oak. I didn't have a clue how to even go about refinishing it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Becki A said...

Natty, you are AMAZING! I have so much furniture that could be amazing but I just don't know what to do with it. You just have the magic touch! I LOVE all your pieces they are beautiful!!

Natty said...

Awe... Thank you.
I wish posting were as fun as the projects...
I have projects and photos coming out my ears, but so little patience for sitting and posting them.
Sorry, but I'm not gunna stop... so keep watching ;)

Shabby Anne said...

Some amazing make-overs there, you really have a good eye!

Kara Henry said...

Yeah, I like what you term a "little project" you crazy woman! I love the pairing of the little stand with the floor lamp--too cute!