July 9, 2010

Now the Pedestal is finished!

Remember this....

Well it didn't take much convincing that I DID need to antique the base, and give it some depth.

I know I'm repeating myself, but this is such a handy tip...
Since I used white spray paint on the pedestal, I COULDN'T use the Walnut Stain that I put on everything as my antiquing medium. The oil based stain would wipe off the oil based spray paint.  So I had to water down some brown water based paint, and treat that like a stain.
IF I had used white water based paint, I COULD use the walnut stain... I have a current project where I'm using Walnut stain over white water based paint, and the result is quite different than this... So watch this space if you are interested in seeing the difference. (I will try to post that one next.)
Onto the AFTER:

So, what you see is just watered down paint, brushed on and then wiped off.
I used three rags:
1st one was wet to wipe off the majority,
2nd one was wet to wipe off less -keeping the white paint clean looking,
3rd one was dry to tidy up from the other two.
It was important to me that you could tell it started out white. I didn't want a dingy looking pedestal.  Although I'm not as pleased with these photos as I am with the real thing.  Everything looks better in person eh?

I decided to pair my three $1 chairs with the table that I bought at a yard sale ages ago... you may remember the lovely orange fabric on the B4 pics. Just wish I could find ONE MORE.
If you haven't seen that post, I antiqued them also... so they match great!
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