July 9, 2010

For the girl who has everything and needs a Bucket to put it in.

I do a lot of projects where it’s easiest to just share an idea, and not so much showing how.  Sometimes it feels impossible to share every step, so I take photos and hope to just share the general idea and inspire.  I figure I’m inspired by many things, so maybe I can inspire you simply by sharing.

This is one of those projects. 
I had a tool belt, but seldom wore it because it was so big and full. I felt like I was two people wide trying to do a project & have my tools handy.  I ended up carrying it around, along with a bucket of other misc stuff.

Then I had an idea!  What if my bucket WERE ALSO the tool belt?!  And so it began (with pink thread).
I ‘d been making some things from old jeans, and had scraps of denim on my floor, -so this is what I used.
I didn’t measure with a tape measure, I just held the fabric up to my bucket, I held my tools up to the fabric, and proceeded from there, pinning and sewing a bit at a time.
I learned that cutting slits into denim stops it from fraying as much, so I did this and washed it before I put it on the bucket and filled it with tools.  Now it’s more than a bucket!  “I love having a place for everything!” (shouting toward heaven with my arms raised)

What a Motley Crew of tools.
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