May 14, 2010

$10 Oak Pedestal Table

So I've been saying for over a year that I'd like to get a round pedestal table. I was fully prepared to paint the whole thing if I had to, but I've wanted a table that could be a project for me.
I finally found it.
Every Saturday Dear Husband and I go yard sale-ing, and on this day, we started at a fundraiser for a school choir in a parking lot.  Third booth along... and there it sat... As I started to ask how much, I saw he had just attached a piece of tape to a sheet of paper that said "Oak Table $10"
"Sold" I said. And I handed the man ten bucks!

It was in two pieces; top and pedestal, because the wood board for connecting the two was broken & needed replacing. (big deal)
This is the condition it was in. There was something spilled on the top at some point, and then it must have had a blanket on it or something because there was fluff all over it that would not come off. I had to just sand it along with the rest of it.
This pedestal is very NOT ME. Mainly because it is rather generic, and not something I could make unique enough.  So I took the legs off and gave them a treatment on the table saw.
I cut the legs in three places to make them less curvy. Chopping off the tops of the curves, and the end.

Here is the pedestal without the legs, and a pedestal I bought a few months earlier expecting I would have to make my dream pedestal table. (I hate to admit it, but this rough pedestal and the parts I bought with it cost $30. I consider that expensive for a project especially since I didn't really know how I was going to execute it.)
I drilled holes in the blank for the legs to be attached to it, bolted them on, and then I started building it out wards with various boards glued and nailed on... My goal was to just create some dimension.

Then I used paintable caulk to fill in the seams, and covered my nail holes with filler.

I used up a spray can of primer, and really should have bought more to do the job right, but I was so anxious, I went ahead and started painting it.
I chose a green color that I have in the room.

I wasn't sold. I put the top on it, and didn't like it. So I didn't stick with the green. It was far more flourescent than it looks here.
Anyway moving onto the top...
After sanding the table, I applied walnut stain (but of course).
This is after one coat. I waited a few days applied a second coat, waited a few more and applied a third coat. My goal was to loose the slightly orange color that oak goes when stained. And it worked.
I spray painted over the green with white, and it doesn't look so strange now.
I also waxed the table top instead of varnishing it.
I am considering giving the white base an antiqued old look... haven't decided for sure yet, but I think the base and top would coordinate more if I did.  Unfortunately I can't use the same walnut stain because I spraypainted the base. Both the spray paint and the stain are oil based, they clean up with white spirit, and if you put an oil based stain onto a spraypaint, the stain acts a bit like a cleaner and the paint wipes off along with the stain. So I need a water based stain/glaze to try this with. (Capiche? A little wordy.. sorry)

I also have two leaves that came with it! Forgot to mention that part... I still need to sand them down.
Thanks for stopping by!
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shellie said...

you are just to handy Nat! I need some power tools lol.

thedoodlegirl said...

three words: A.MAZ.ING!!!!!!

Jen N said...

I am always so impressed by your make-over projects! Love this!

Sophie said...

congrats! this is awesome

everyone please follow my blog!


Mimy said...

Just stumbled on your site. Love what you did with the table! I have the same hobby. Taking "junk" and giving it a new look!

Chai said...

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joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Just said...

I'll be honest, as I read through that at first I wasn't convinced with what you were doing with the table, but the end product looks truly amazing. You have such a talent!

Ania said...


ShopGeek said...

May I ask where did you buy the pedestal kit for $30?