February 19, 2010

A New Look for a Little Lamp

This is the lamp I started with.
This is the lamp I wanted to recreate from the Do It Yourself mag (BH&G) Summer 09 issue. They did not provide instructions, so I figured it out myself, and share them here.
I went looking for a shade that was not tapered. I know it's super hard to tape on a cone shaped surface, but this was the best I could find..... slightly tapered.
I cut painters tape... (would have prefered masking tape, but I seem to have lost my roll) into thirds and used the two straight edges, discarded the middle piece.  Then I used glue to paint over the two tape edges where I would be painting my stripe. This prevents the paint from leaking underneath the edge of the tape.  ;)
When dry, I painted over the glue with paint.
Then I made this page of birds in photoshop from some photos I took last summer by the lake in my valley. I tried to create a file that could be right clicked and saved if you wanted to do this project... It may not have good enough resolution (I didn't save it for web), but you're welcome to try!

Here are two of the originals I use to make it, maybe these could be of use if the other one isn't.

I printed it on DCWV sticker paper.  Then I cut out the birds I wanted with a craft knife.
Then I cut out each bird, stuck it on the shade, and painted/stenciled it.
I put them all around the shade.  When they were dry, I used a mechanical pencil to define some of the lines around the birds.  So subtle you can't really see it.
This is the finished shade  :)
I like it much better now.
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Louchia said...

Wow!! Really nice :)

HereBeDragons said...

A LOT of work, but a really nice result. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Why did you paint the line with glue first? Was that to add texture?
Very cool project! Looks great!!

Natty said...

Hey Dragons... it was a real quick project, so many photos must make it look like a lot of work. The only part that took any time was cutting out the birds with a craft knife... I'm not so great with those.

Anonymous, I added why I used the glue... sorry 'bout that.

thedoodlegirl said...

WOWZA. You are awesome. Beautiful shade!

jennifer said...

there Natty goes again!!! nice work

Ali said...

So what do you say when 'Cool' just doesn't cover it??????????? LOL.

Awesome job, Nat!

Barbara said...

Been reading your blog for several days and going back for older posts...you do AWESOME stuff!!!! Please keep up the good work! Loved your bedroom re-do...loved the desk/cabinet/thingee (I WANT one!)...the lamp is adorable. You're very talented and I'm so happy you chose to share with all of us!!!!I've passed your blog along to several friends that enjoy it as well. Thank you!

Parvin Taraz said...

amazing work!!!!