February 13, 2010

A Funny Valentine

Have you ever had an AOL cd come though the mail in a box?  I've been hanging onto this box for at least 2 years, and today I decided to turn it into a card for my Valentine.  I knew one day I would have an idea for it.

Not going to post a real specific how to, since I pretty much just glued paper onto it.
Saying that... I started by taking the box section off of the outer fold and I spray painted them both black. Then I glued it back together.

(Sorry the text isn't all justified left & between the photos. It is when I compose my post, but when I publish, it's sometimes on the right of the photos.  ??? grrrrr)

Heidi Grace Rubons.
You will have to forgive my poor coloring, I've taken photos of it next to a lamp since it's dark outside.
This box has a magnetic closure, but once I attached paper, it no longer wanted to close on its own.
I finally used some Heidi Swap flowers I bought about 3-4 years ago!  :D  The little frame is EK Success, and just as old.  My metal embellishments... weren't those American Crafts?  I don't remember.

My paper is the adorable Urban Prairie by Basic Grey (6x6 paper pad)

Lips are mine, photoshoped to be bright pink.  LOL!  Like I said... A Funny Valentine.
I closed it and wrapped it with a ribbon.  (Not showing is the back with solid pink paper, and the year in Heidi Grace rubons like I used on the spine.)
Valentines can be so much fun! (Everything ends up looking super girly, and it's OK!)
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Ali said...

That is super cute! How I love to see a new post here **sigh**. Hope you had a great Valentines Day!

thedoodlegirl said...

ADORABLE!!! You are amazing!!!