January 28, 2010


Inspired by these 2 photos I found online, I decided I wanted to make wainscoting for my bedroom. I like the idea of a shelf on top of it, and have shutters that covered my window half way.

 I got a couple quotes for shutters... the cheapest I could find was $300 on SALE.  Well, you know me, there is no way in hell I'm gunna spend $300 on one window.  (I will show you how I made the shutters in another post)

This is what I started with... white walls and one brown wall.  If you've been reading my blog for a long time you will remember when I put the linden berries up on the brown wall.  I decided I'm over it, and so I got to work!

I ripped out the skirting boards, the door frames, and I replaced all of it with 3.5" mdf. I used 10' lengths to get two uprights out of each length.
In this photo you can see the shelf I attached to the top of the wainscoting... this is just another piece of 3.5" mdf. I used liquid nails, and nailed it into place also.

It's impossible for every section on each wall to be exactly the same, so measuring each wall and spacing the boards as close as possible to the same distance allows the eye to believe all are spaced the same.
Framing around the window first gave me the distance I needed to work with for the rest of the uprights and under the window.

 Here are the shutters I added at the same height as the top of the wainscoting. This way they would swing open under the shelf.

3.5" mdf
Then I painted a warm color above the shelf around the room. This color is on the entire one wall that doesn't have wainscoting.

And all of the wainscoting is painted white. Important step... before painting wainscoting, you need to seal around the boards with a caulking to make them look perfect. Then paint when it's dry.

Here is the finished room.  I'm having fun with the shelf! 
This white dresser I bought at a yard sale for $2.50, it was a beach color with a broken foot. I made a new matching foot and painted it white using an oil based white gloss, and now I love it.

I plan on painting the shutters white, just haven't got around to it yet. You can see the wall w/o wainscoting. I like it!

Wish I'd had my nail gun from the beginning of this project. Once I got it I went 4 times as fast!
Thanks for Looking!
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Julie said...

WOW that is amazing!!! I've loved your blog from the first time I found it, thank heaven for google reader :)I've bookmarked this baby for when we get our new house......someday soon I hope

Unknown said...

Love it! That looks so good! Its amazing was a little detail can do for a room. It's so fancy smancy now. good work!

Shellieh said...

Nat you never cease to amaze me! wow.
Beautiful job as usuall!
Hey I need a queen headboard, any ideas?

Natty said...

Shellie, any chance you remember the white headboard I made in the green room? Never put it on my blog. I was thinking of replacing it with something different... You want the white one?

Jen Gallacher said...

This is EXACTLY what I want to do in my front room. We need to chat about this. I want to know time frame and cost. Seriously. It's like you read my mind!! Oh I'm so stinkin' excited. :)

Natty said...

You know how you do something you love, and you're so crazy about it you wonder if it only looks good to you? Well I'm super pleased to hear others think it's as great as I think it is. I got so excited when I got the first wall done!
Thanks girls!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Natty~ I'm Cyndi from Austin TX.
Good stuff....thank you for sharing..my google search for "wall mounted sliding doors", somehow got me to your blog. Get out of my head! We think alike...a lot alike. I perpetually build and redesign my surroundings in my head...and outside of it too, in spurts. You have a fearlessness, or maybe a go-for-it-anyway gumption that has inspired me! Thank you!!

Ali said...

Nat, jeez, where do I start. Well, first of all there was a sharp intake of breath, followed by eyes darting around the screen, eyes that were as wide as saucers! LOL. Girl, I don't know why you are so hard on yourself in other things. It broke my heart to see that you were sad online the other day. You are NEVER sad and downbeat. You are one of those people who REFUSE TO BE BEATEN!. Look at your talent. Look at what you can do. What you need to do is bide your time until the economy picks up a little and get yourself out there as an interior designer. Then start targeting building companies that are doing a whole new devolpment of houses, talk to the powers that be in a wedding list department and see if there is a way that you can have some kind of business card beside the desk where they entertain the engaged couples, cut your business name out with the cricut and a phone number and stick it on the rear window of your car. I tell ya I was behind one today that was a 'rent-your-own-sumo-costume'. Now if that can make a business, man YOU are way ahead of them. So think seriously, girl. Take heart. Look at what you can do and know that you are loved!

Stacy said...

WOW!!!!! That's awesome!....I think I need to check it out in person!

Kara Henry said...

Natalie!! This is soooo dang cool and one of my favorite looks. If I move to SF, will you help me with my house?

thedoodlegirl said...

W.O.W!!!! When are you gonna get your own TV show??? Just gorgeous!

wendyp said...

I love this!!! Wonder if I can convince DH that we need to do this in our dining room (hopefully soon to become scraproom). Nat, you always amaze me with your creativity!!