January 4, 2010

A Few Handy Tips!

I’m one of those people that loves handy tips. I have a few to share that maybe you could use. I’ve decided I need to put more on my blog that isn’t just a big project. Here’s an attempt at it :)

#1 For Ceramic Cook tops…
When we bought ceramic stove we got a small bottle of this special cleaner to clean the top of it, and when it ran out, I tried something else.

And It works lovely… In fact, all the cooked on marks come off FAR easier with this combination than using that special cleaner.

#2 For Cat Hair…
I’ve tried so many things to remove cat hair. But truthfully haven't purchased new products on the market since I realized what you can do with a plain rubber glove.

The hair just eventually balls together for easy vacuuming up!

#3 For Headaches
This is a pain relieving product in the form of a sticky patch. I use them all the time on my shoulders and lower back. I recently have been getting rid of headaches with them too. I cut a patch into a thin strip that will fit on my temple, and with clean skin, stick it on before bed. I put a whole patch on the back of my neck as well as the little patches on my temples, and this worked. They smell very strong, and may make your eyes water, which is why it’s a good idea to do it before bed because your eyes are shut.

#4 For Better Smelling Laundry…
I am not happy how short my longest wash is on my washing machine. When I lived in England, my washer took over an hour for a load, and my clothes were always white, and always clean smelling. This new machine, although I haven’t timed it, only needs like 25 minutes. My white socks eventually stop being white, and my laundry doesn’t smell like the lovely laundry soap I use!

So I came up with an idea! And although I don’t know if my clothes are getting cleaner, I am smelling the effects my nice laundry soap!

So my theory is… Turn on the machine, and while the water is running, slowly add the soap. This gives the clothes a chance to get wet. Then it gives the soap a chance to spread out over the laundry inside. Since they are already wet and spinning when soap is introduced.

#5 For Cleaner Skin…

This last one is an Apple Cider Vinegar Tip. I know there are loads of them out there, but there is one I’m fond of.
I add apple cider vinegar to my shower gel. Enough to affect the smell of the shower gel & make it thinner, but not enough to turn it into a watery consistency & make me smell like vinegar when I’m finished. I discovered this because I heard that soaking in a bath with ½ cup of apple cider vinegar can pull toxins out through the skin, and relieve pain. Never taking time for a bath, I settled for adding it to my soap, and I find it gets deodorant off easily too. I also (possibly crazily) think the combination of the warm shower and vinegar make it MUCH easier to move in the morning.

Please feel free to comment with a handy tip you have to share.

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