November 18, 2009

I got me an Etsy store.

I know everyone has them now a days, but I decided I need one.
I'm selling things that I don't tend to mention much here on my blog, like my jewelry and photography. Eventually a book I've written.

I don't have much on there yet, but it's something to look at.
Here are a few of my "Photo Paintings" I have listed on Etsy.
(these are photos that look like a photo from a distance, but like a painting up close)
If you are a regular to my blog you might remember one I put in my laundry room behind an antique window frame ;)


If you're a local and want to buy one, email me and we can work out you collecting it instead of having to pay shipping. ;)

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some kind of wonderful said...

simply amazing photos!! good luck with your etsy store!!

jennifer said...

GREAT photos. I too love taking pictures of doors and flowers.
The photo of the church(?)door and bicycle wouldn't have been taken in Paris would it? That was feeling it conjured up for me as soon as I saw it.

Natty said...

Jennifer, the church door and bicycle is in Norfolk England. That church was converted into a library. I love that one too :)