November 18, 2009

I got me an Etsy store.

I know everyone has them now a days, but I decided I need one.
I'm selling things that I don't tend to mention much here on my blog, like my jewelry and photography. Eventually a book I've written.

I don't have much on there yet, but it's something to look at.
Here are a few of my "Photo Paintings" I have listed on Etsy.
(these are photos that look like a photo from a distance, but like a painting up close)
If you are a regular to my blog you might remember one I put in my laundry room behind an antique window frame ;)


If you're a local and want to buy one, email me and we can work out you collecting it instead of having to pay shipping. ;)

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November 13, 2009

A Chair to Match!

I know its crazy late in the year for yard sales, but there are still some lingering, and I just bought these three chairs for $1 each. Not kidding.
"Bargain of the day!" I will often say to my husband with a find like this. "You don't need those chairs no more than...." husband wanders off complaining... (ya, he knows better ;)

I like their shape, and I’m sure if you are familiar with my blog you are seeing their potential too!!
I decided I would do something different to each of them, and give them homes in bedrooms. I currently have a wooden bench I made in my room for sitting when putting on shoes, but I don’t feel it matches or fits where it is… So The first chair (today’s post) will match the piece of furniture I did in my post Love It, Love It, Love It on August 28th, and it will live in my room.
Because I’m making the chair match that funny piece of furniture (it really needs a name), I don’t need to get all specific in the how to, since I did the same for this chair.

I removed the cushion by unscrewing the four screws that held it in place. I took the chair outside and sanded it down.
I also sanded the metal pieces on the front legs since they looked old and haggard too.
Then I washed the whole thing off with a damp rag.
I taped up the metal pieces on the feet and painted it.
Then I recovered the cushion, adding a piece of 1.5” foam to the top of it. I used the scrap of fabric left over from my headboard project posted on June 5th.
When the paint was dry I used walnut stain over the top of the paint, and wiped off all the excess. To a fairly smooth finish. (working in small areas, not allowing the stain to dry)
Once it was all dry, I screwed the cushion back on.
I’m quite pleased with this easy little beauty.
And no, I won’t leave it sitting here in the middle of nowhere. :)
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