September 29, 2009

Where do you put your bed pillows?

The decorative ones you don't sleep on? For years mine have lived on the floor! And because I only make my bed when someone is coming over, the pillows have lived on the floor for the majority of their lives.
So I had an idea... I need a Pillow Cupboard!
Once I decided this, I found a part of a TV console in the clearance furniture at IM HOME in Provo. It was in clearance because it was only the top part, and discontinued... plus it had a scratch on the top. Then I found these green doors at a cabinet maker's workshop... (amazing guy, long story)

The doors were slightly too tall for the cupboard, but perfect in width, so I attached feet to the cupboard, and connected the doors to the cupboard with hinges. Then I drilled holes and attached knobs I got at home depot for $1.29 each... (I'm such a cheapskate I know.)

Then I attached a catch for each door too!
Then I went looking for a design for my doors... I'm good at ideas, but not good at designs... and I found something I liked online and this is it....

I then opened it in photoshop and converted it to B&W. Then printed it.

Then I inverted it, realizing it would be easier to work with and printed it again.
Then I drew lines through the image after deciding the scale I wanted it to be on the door. This is a hard process to explain, but an easy one to conceptualize.... So I'm sure you get it.

Then I drew the corresponding lines on the doors, and drew on my design... Trying to decide how much and where as you can see... lots of eraser marks. :D

Then I took it out in the garage and cut out the shapes with my drill and jigsaw. Drilling multiple holes makes lining up the blade of the jigsaw much easier.

Also, if you have some narrow places, support those narrow places when you are cutting near them... after you have cut them... they are thin enough you want to baby them a bit.
Then I took the doors outside and spray painted them with 4 colors... each in tern. I wanted a mottled uneven look.
Then I got out my trusty Walnut Stain, (that I use on like everything -huh?) and I stained the inside cut out edges on the whole design. Then I stained over the paint and made it even more mottled.
Then I bought some adorable upholstery fabric... on sale so I paid just over $5 for what I needed, and I cut it out to cover my shapes, and I hot glued it to the door, making sure I glued in between all the cut out pieces, not just around the edges. I would like to find something thin and large like a big sheet of chipboard so I can paint it and cover this fabric... protecting it really. But I need to find that.

Then I reattached my doors! I'm super happy with it, and think it's a cute design.

No more pillows on the floor in my room!
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Ali said...

Yes, mine are on the floor too but only overnight. In the morning they go back on the bed, yawnnnnnn. The same procedure day in day out about kills me!

Another great project though! Yes, I'll have one for our landing upstairs and could you possibly do it in a battered barn red colour??? ;-) Thanks Miss Nat!

Jen Gallacher said...

Holy cow, woman!! Is there nothing you can't do? I wipe drool from my screen every time I see a project you've completed. :)

thedoodlegirl said...

Okay you are OFFICIALLY amazing!!! This is extraordiary! And completely gorgeous. Love it!!!

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness, will you come to my house and do that, i have been looking online for two days for something to put my bed pillows in.