August 28, 2009

Love it, love it, love it!

For once I have a project that needs very little explanation, and I have lots of photos.
This was such a fun project that it has jumped the queue of projects for my blog... which is why I'm so late in posting a project this month... I had to do this one!
I found this funny piece of furniture at my new favorite place.... The Park City recycle center!!
You can recycle almost everything there, and they have a shed with stuff you can purchase. I found this interesting beauty for $10... You read that right -ten smackers!
It's a very strange piece... it seems to be made from a bunch of pieces that were once other things. See those holes in the middle top of that side... they are holes where there was once hinges.... The top piece on the right is solid with the bottom, and the top left piece is attached.
No real handles to speak of on the drawers, and they didn't all seem to fit.
The back was 5 pieces of wood that were all different thicknesses and colors.
It's even dirtier than it looks.
And it's been sitting in water... odd smell, and a little black staining!
It looks like it once had a hinging front that covered the drawers, like an old fashioned desk. There were three holes like this.

And screws everywhere!!! all rounded tops and standing proud of the wood.... even on the top of it.
So... I removed all the screws, filled in all the holes and dents, and removed all the boards from the back.
I've decided it was a piece of furniture used on a move set. Why else would it be so cobbled together? Parts of it are so nice, and parts are such a mess.... I dunno.
Then primed it with white primer.
Then I painted it a seafoam blue. I painted the 3 hinges on the front... they were silver, I wasn't going to use any silver on the finished piece, so I painted over them.

Look, no more missing hinge holes .

This is the scary part. I then got walnut stain, and painted over 1 section at a time.
Then I used a rag and wiped it off to "antique" it. Trying to keep from drawing lines in the stain as you wipe it off is a little tricky.
I tried to make sure I got stain in all the grooves and details.

When I finished the staining, I cut a thin board to replace the back, and painted one side of it white. I forgot to mention I painted the inside of the bottom section white too. I screwed the back on, and then moved onto the drawers.
After painting the drawers to match I drilled holes in them and added old knobs I found at ReStore... The Habitat for Humanity store. I also found a handle for the bottom section there too. They are a kind of antique brass color and very worn.

I'm pleased as punch with it!!!
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Julie said...

Wow--it's beautiful! Good for you for recycling something old and worn and making it into something you'll treasure.

Julie said...

I am at a loss for words!!!
I'm doing my first real spray painting projects right now, but they are much smaller scale!!!

Ali said...

I do believe I had a sharp intake of breath when I saw the finished product!! I just can't get over the fact that you seem to be the female version of McGyver. Did you watch that programme in the 80's? OMG, he was like the 80's version of James Bond, lol.

YOU ROCK Nat!!!!

HoleyCow Designs said...

just WOW! you inspire me to no ends.. I know where I will be heading to look for some new projects.. Its almost like this was a piano, bar and desk.. you could easily resell this for 100's .. cuz its just that neat!

Tammy Tutterow said...

You are so amazing! I love this! What a great find and incredible re-do!

Char said...

I love it!!

Jen Gallacher said...

You are so scary good at these things. It looks like an old piano made into a desk to me. :)

thedoodlegirl said...

Oh, oh, OH! I LOVVVVE this! It's absolutely beautiful and so elegant and shabby-chic!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Natty, you are amazingly creative! Wish you would come and work your wonders at my house!


Wendy Malichio said...

seriously you never stop do you?! You are really one very amazing person!!!! LOVE this!!

Stampin' Meg said...

WOWSA! amazing- that odd little piece was just the perfect little cast off to come home with you, Nat.