June 5, 2009

Transforming my Headboard.

Good Morning Blog Hoppers!

I have a great project that is easy. I hope it gives you some ideas.
(Sorry there aren’t lots of photos. I think I was so excited about finishing it, I didn’t take as many photos as I must have thought I was.)

I bought this headboard for $49 two years ago at a furniture clearance store. It wasn’t in perfect condition, but well worth the $49 I thought!

This Headboard hasn’t ever been my style, but that doesn’t normally stop me, and it didn’t in this case.
Well, it took a while, but I had the BEST idea for transforming it.

First I took off the screw-on knobs at the top sides of the headboard. I filled in the holes and painted it all brown since I didn’t care for the mahogany color of it. (I don’t like browns to have a red or orange hue.)

I measured the middle section, and the two side sections which as you can see are the same size.

Then I bought a sheet of ¼” particle board (chipboard like MDF) that has a little flex in it, (since the headboard is slightly rounded). I paid $11 dollars, and took my measurements with me to Home Depot. Then I had them cut it for me to my required sizes. EASY 4 ME!

Then I drilled a hole in each of the 4 corners on all 3 pieces. I placed a 2” bolt, through each hole, and screwed on a nut.
One at a time I held up the board to the respective section of bed, and used the bolt to mark the wood. Then I drilled holes into the headboard right where the bolts touched/scratched the bed.
Then I placed the board on a piece of foam (I try to keep foam handy in a closet for projects. Buying it new is expensive, and I love having it around when I need it.) and drew around the board with a marker. Then I cut the foam with an electric carving knife.

This picture doesn’t show the fabric, but I placed fabric that was at least 6” longer and wider than the board on to the floor, then I lay the foam down, and then placed my board on top with the bolts skyward.

With my staple gun I stapled the fabric around the foam and onto the wood.

Then pushing the fabric covered board onto the headboard and forcing the bolts through the holes, I got more nuts, and screwed them onto the bolt at the back of the headboard, thus holding it in place.

With all 3 pieces attached, here’s my new headboard!!
I’m redecorating my bedroom, and when I’m finished this brown headboard will no longer be against a brown wall…. That’s my current big project…. And I’m taking photos…. I’m loving it so far… watch this space!

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