February 9, 2009

Scrapbook paper inspiration

This is a project I did quite a while ago, before I started my blog, so many people haven't seen it unless you've been to my house.

Remember KI Memories Color theory line?



remember that paper?

Well I loved this design from the moment I first saw it, and I reproduced it in my own colors for my house!

I made the canvas from a 36" door. Cut it to 54" in length. Covered it in fabric (duck cloth to be exact) and then painted it white for a blank canvas. Since it's the width of a door it stands proud from the wall, and I continued the design over the edges of it. which looks real nice.

I used a drywall ruler and a large colander for my lines and circles.

Then I decided there had to be rules for which color landed in which spot... I won't go deeply into it cause it sounds confusing to explain even though it is fairly straight forward. but.... it went kinda like this:

*If a diagonal line intersected a wide vertical line the color would be: X. *If a diagonal line intersected a narrow vertical line the color would be: Y. *A Wide vertical line not intersecting anything would be: Z.

And so on :)

It took a long time to paint (used acrylics) but the end result is really the focal point for the room it hangs in, and it dictates the overall feel in the room. Which I love.

Tip: When using inexpensive acrylic paints, it is easy for the paint to dry in the brush strokes you used. Try to keep your brush strokes moving in all directions for an added effect that doesn't look strange. You will see what I mean when the light catches it.


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wendyp said...

Wow!! Nat, this is so cool!