February 13, 2009

Another idea for storing Jewelry

I decided it would be great if I could hang my bracelets next to my earrings. (2 posts down is an Earring Frame)
Kristy Plessman used some S hooks on her chicken wire to hang bracelets and necklaces in a version 2 of her earring frame. Which is a great idea, and I have another one. I’ll call it a Bracelet Tree.

This is a super fast idea, that you can adapt to your space and it’s super customizable.

This is one 9” length of 1x1, and two lengths of hand railing (18 & 21”)
I screwed both pieces of hand railing at their centers to the 1x1 from behind. (Always good to drill holes first for ease.)

Hand railing is round with a flat side to accommodate the rail brackets. This flat side is perfect for this idea. (Feeling super proud of myself for finally recycling that crappy hand rail I replaced over a year ago.)
Then I drilled two holes in the 1x1 beneath each of the attached branches. (slightly hard to see)
Then I spray painted the whole thing.
Now all I have to do is nail two nails into the wall at the point of my drilled holes and hang it up. I have not actually hung it up yet because I am not finished plastering the wall where it’s going to live. (I’ve ripped a small wall out and I’m making myself a vanity where I put all my hair/make-up/jewelry jazz that stops my bathroom from always looking messy. It will now all live in my vanity area of the bathroom which won’t be the first thing you see when you walk in. Just another way to help me feel tidy…. Sorry; tangent.) When I hang it, I might make the holes in the new plaster, then use large nails and nail through the front of the bracelet tree into a stud. This way I can use nails with heads that will sit flush against the wood, and stop if from being able to be pulled off the wall on accident.

The 1x1 holds the main branches of this tree away from the wall so the bracelets & necklaces will slide on and off easily without coming in contact with the wall.

I say this is customizable for good reason…. If you have space that is long and narrow, cut a long piece of 1x1, and shorter lengths of hand railing. Add as many branches as you wish. I have a space that is wide and not long, so I made my branches longer. This means that for my stretchy bracelets, I will have to remove the ones on the ends to get to the ones in the middle. So…. A long narrow one with multiple branches is a great idea because then there are less bracelets living on each “branch”. All you need to be sure to do is hang it by more than one nail so that it won’t hang crooked with an uneven weight of bracelets on it. The longer it is, the further the distance you can put between the two holes for the nails.

I don’t care for necklaces, so I only have a few, but they will hang from my bottom branch. This maximizes the space, w/o me having to make more branches. If you have a lot of necklaces, consider the bottom branch to be where yours hang too. Also consider how far your branches need to be spaced based on the size of what you will hang on them. Leave yourself room between branches making it easier to remove and add bracelets without running into the jewelry hung above it.

Simple idea, all you need is a patch of space on the wall. Preferably near your earring frame :)

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Peggy said...

What an amazing idea Nat. Love it!

Unknown said...

That's awesome Nat!!!
Oh my ... those bracelets are stunning too! ;)

Julie said...

WOW such an awesome idea!!!! when I get my new house (crossing my fingers) I'm going to make this!!!! and then I can see my bracelets and remember to wear them. you rock!