January 28, 2009

Inspiration for lighting

I've changed some of my ceiling lights recently and thought I'd share with you.
This first image is the before of a typical bedroom light. I ripped a wall out to remove a bedroom and create an upstairs "open area". (code for TV room) I figured this was no good to stay -so I got creative.
This is the skeleton of a lamp shade that I no longer wanted to use. I made a paper pattern for the section around the lamp. Cut it out eight times from fabric that started out as a skirt from a yard sale. I didn't buy the skirt to wear, I liked the fabric so much I made a bed pillow out of it, and had left overs....
Then I sewed all 8 sections together, hand stitched it onto the frame at the top and bottom, and stitched a bunch of beads onto it. I also used a ring from another lamp shade on the inside of the frame so that I could attach it to the ceiling light. I basically jerry-rigged it at the spot where I wanted the upside down shade to sit (1/2") from the ceiling. I did that with wire attaching the two lamp frames together. (a little hard to explain, but basically I cut 4" pieces of wire and connected them twisting the ends of wire together.
Then there's this one.... I have two lights like this in my main living area. (I took it down before I remembered to take a photo, so that's why it's sitting on carpet.) I was telling a friend of mine how much I don't like these brassy fixtures, and she told me that she spray painted her brassy fixtures!!
I was like.... Well Du! I spray paint everything else... why not these! So I did!
And now they are up on the ceiling fitting in with my decor 100 times better than before. Now I can live with them longer.
**Please note.... Don't take down any lighting that you have to disconnect wires, unless you have the help of an electrician. I consider myself quite handy, but I've learned there's so many things to know about lighting... don't mess with it. Get the help of an electrician. (Thanks Dad)
I hope I've inspired you to reconsider your lighting without spending any big money... new lighting is SO crazy expensive! What's up with that?
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Kimberly said...

Hello, I love the spray painted fixture. Would you mind telling me what color and type of spray paint is used?

Natty said...

Hi Kimberly, I used Rust-oleum hammered finish in Brown. It cost between $5-6 for the can.
Many brown spray paints are an unattractive color, but this hammered finish has a antique bronze quality that I like. :)
I also had to do 3 coats because the hammered finish separates and shows the under color on the first coat. Which looked cool, but I wanted it solid.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that you mentioned the electrician bit. I actually did the same thing to my parents dining room light over christmas. They always joke that whenever I come home I create projects. :) I spray-painted it a textured brown instead of the white metal. Anyway, I thought how hard could it be to just match the wires? I've done harder things right?
Needless to say my Dad, having impeccable timing, came home at the very moment I was standing on his dining room table looking up at all the wires dangling out of the ceiling. oops. That's when i cue the charm and call dad to the rescue. So yes, call the electrician and don't burn the house down :)!

Natty said...

You're so cool Kristy!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the paint info. I know you can't always go by colors on the screen but it looks a good match for my kitchen curtain rod, which also has that sort of bronze feel to it.

Amy said...

amazing, of course, as always my dear :)

How did the jewelry party go on Saturday? I wish I could have come, but I was teaching a class out in Bountiful all day.

Stampin' Meg said...

Absolutely fabulous, as usual Ms Scatty!

Anonymous said...

AHHHH! I love what you did with the second fixture. I have one somewhat similar to that in my dining room. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Anonymous said...
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Summer said...

That is too cool! Looks like I need to go get myself some spray paint! you are so creative!!! You've got my head spinning:)

Anonymous said...

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