January 12, 2009


I'm always impressed when I watch Devine Design with Candice Olsen and she manages to bring so much sparkle into a room!!!!

I don't tend to even think about sparkle when I'm decorating, but I always love it when I see a room that shines all over.

So share with me....
I'll list a few ideas for bringing sparkle in, please share any ideas you have too!!!

Extra lighting
Glass tiles
Crystal vases
Shiny fabrics

Why is this so hard for me? I love to brainstorm, and I'm at a loss for ideas.
(probably because it's my house and I see it all the time.)

I was thinking how it might be neat to tape off areas on my walls and varnish, creating a shiny dimension, w/o using another color of paint. Maybe a horrizontal stripe around the room?

I was also wondering how I could bring in mirrors w/o placing them where I'll have to see myself all the time. Clever ideas for mirrors wanted.

Please help me make this list bigger. :)
I swear I can think clearer when the sun is shining. The clouds steal inspiration!!!!
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Jen Gallacher said...

Put the mirrors slightly above or below your line of sight. Try a reflective paint color or technique. Bring in reflective surfaces: glass, shiny metals, glossy pain surfaces. Curtains that are more sheer (or hang your dark curtains so that when opened they don't cover any of the window). Sounds like fun, Nat! You're always up to something. :)

Natty said...

Awesome suggestions Jen!!!
I grew up in a house with a wall mirror in the living room so I learned I do get sick of seeing my reflection all the time.

Stampin' Meg said...

Well if you don't want to see yourself in the mirrors- you are just going to have to read the Twilight books and see about becoming a vampire!!!

Amy said...

But in Twilight they CAN see their reflections.

As for mirrors What about using them behind a hanging window box of flowers. You still get the effect of the mirrors lighting up and enlarging the look of a room, but the flowers soften it

Natty said...

Ooooh Amy.... and there's sparkle, but not enough to be looking at your own reflection!!! Great idea!!
And it's dimensional.... SUPER!!

Mer said...

Meg has it half right....although Twilight vampires do see their reflections, they also SPARKLE in the light...so vampirism is an option after all.

After that, I got nothin'. Though I'd love to see a link or something to the original source you refer to...it's a new concept for me.

Natty said...

Oh really Mer???
I will have to find an image online I can steal....
I don't tend to think that way either, but when I see the results, I'm so blown away.
I'll go lookin' now!

Natty said...

Ok, so I can't find photo examples of candice's work because they've change the HGTV website to have videos in the Devine Design section, so here's a link to where you can find that....

joybear said...

Old coke bottles would shine up nicely. On the mirrors could you cover them with a thin sheet of colored vinyl? That way you would still have the shine and if you wanted to "see" you could look closely to see in the mirror but you would have to really look.

Stacy said...

1.Use mirror tiles on a table with a crystal vase. Or a mirror as a runner over a table. You can buy them at the Dollar Store.

2. Sheer Organza for drapes!

3. Use tall accessories

4. then there's always back lighting in the corners....that little hidden lamp in the corner that shines upward.

5. And everything Jen said!

Natty said...

I'm lovin' these girls!!
I want more info on that runner Stacy! How big are you thinking? I love that idea cause you aren't likely to be seeing your reflection in a table runner!

Natty said...

And Joy.....
You have me thinking of a cool ETSY store that sells big vinyl stuff! GREAT idea!

reen_slagowski said...

I saw something on one of the design channels, I don't remember which one. They took an old door, turned it sideways, put fabric with geometric designs on the inlay portion of the door, (you know the big flat parts), then they took little square mirrors (1 x1) and started hot glueing them across the top and down in varying sizes, it looked like upside down skyscrapers. They only went maybe 1/3 of the way down the pannels at the longest points. Then they painted the outside edges to match and added hooks to make a coat rack. It was hung horizontally with the hooks at the bottom and the mirrors coming down from the top. It looked excellent and added interest, light and function to the wall.

reen_slagowski said...
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