December 1, 2008

Us Girls and Brainstorming

K, WendyP and TheStampinMom have given me an idea. I'm full of ideas, and I love to share. Brainstorming is super fun when you have more than yourself doing it.

Many times we have a project in mind or even underway, and we need that extra push or idea to get it finished. It's when the idea gets exciting that you want to do it!

If you have a project, and you have a blog... post your project on your blog asking for suggestions, ideas, brainstorming, and then include a comment here in this post of mine.

I will go look, and others too, and we will help you come up with possible suggestions/ideas.
Be sure when you post this project on your blog to be clear about your stumbling block, or the direction you are headed. Also say if you are open to a total change of direction.

If you want to get excited about a project again, or just need a little help on something, post photos on your blog, and then come back here and comment!! (include the url to go directly to your post)

We'll get ya excited!!!
Lets Brainstorm!
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Fink said...

I have to say that is a good idea!

Amy said...

Wish I had seen this this morning when I was pulling my hair out over a class submission I have to turn in in the morning!

wendyp said...

Cool idea! so if I show you 4 very boring, but now painted walls can you tell me what furniture would to well and where to put it? LOL! I stink at interior decorating.

Natty said...

You BET Wendy!!!
Post photos on your blog... and let me know. You'll get lots of opinions if you ask that kind of question.