December 27, 2008

Train Tickets!

Sometimes I'm surprised. I didn't expect to like the end result quite so much, and I didn't expect to enjoy the process, but I sure did! Sometimes the process is just the means to the end. I ALWAYS love the end, I don't always enjoy the process.

I ended up with a frame that would take 112 tickets, and I had 106. So I left some gaps :)
Here's what I did.
I pulled out a frame I got at a yard sale in the summer time. I got 3 large frames from this sale, for .25 cents each. This one had a gap in two corners, so I hammered it back best I could. Still a small gap remained, but I called it character.
There is this inner frame made from some sort of velvet like material. The previous owners must have had dogs or cats, cause there was hair stuck to the velvet. (like I said, it's just been in a closet. --one where I don't keep clothes, scraps of carpet, a fishing pole, and DH's golf clubs.)
So I got out the packing tape. I have 2 cats and am constantly using tape to remove cat hair. (yellow rubber gloves too. That's a magic trick I love.)
It cleaned up real good!

Then I found a piece of ply wood I had that was almost the perfect size. I just had to saw off 1.5" from one side. Then I stained it walnut (this is the before photo). I also gave the old frame a little coat of walnut stain to liven it up.

Then I figured out how many tickets wide and high I could go, and how many I had. Realizing I was 6 tickets short of a solid frame, I strategically placed the gaps.
I also put the tickets in number order. Not that that will mean anything, but I thought it would be kinda fun. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 sequential tickets when I went on the train with friends. So I put them in order.

Then I attached the back to the frame, and used two dots of hot glue on the back of each ticket to fix it into place. It went together so easy and tidy. A very satisfying project :D

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Ali said...

Well now, Miss Clever Britches!!! Aren't you a clever little thing altogether! LOL. LOVE THAT but then again I knew I would. You do such cool things Natalie, you amaze me. Don't know if you watched the programme years ago called McGyver - but you are just like him. You can make something wonderful out of little things :-). I'm so glad you shared this.

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Oh My! This is brilliant! Wishing you and Mick more hugs, blessings, and love in 2009!

Amy said...

you never cease to amaze me!!!

candygirltwo said...

I knew you would come up with such cleverness and you didn't let me down. It's awesome, great job.

Jen N said...

This is just amazing! Wow! You never cease to impress me with your brilliant cleverness!

some kind of wonderful said...

this is awesome!!! you are so amazingly creative!!

Rozzella said...

This is a very cool project, Nat, and it looks wonderful on your wall.