October 12, 2008

This one is SO easy!!

K, so I took this ordinary white shadow box.

It's white to begin with, but I thougth it could do with it being even whiter, so I gave it a coat of white spray paint.

It has a small lip on the frame front on the inside edge of the box.
I cut a piece of plexi-glass to fit just perfectly inside the boxes width, but only cut it half of the height.

I pushed it into the box from the back to butt up against the frame edge of the front, and then I stuck flowers in it!!

Now it's a Vase!!

And I need more silk flowers, cause I have two of these boxes!

I bought a bunch of these shadow boxes, but I never did anything with them, so I sold all but these two in a yard sale I had last summer.

Now that I've thought of this... I'm thinking I gave some people a bargain find at MY yard-sale.

The coin flipped for this one. Looks like I lost out. Bummer!

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Jen Gallacher said...

Oh my goodness! She used the flower boxes. ;) Awesome idea, oh creative one!!

Kristy said...

SO cute! I love it!

harpgirl said...

SO ADORABLE! Does your brilliance know no bounds???

Fink said...

What an outstanding idea!!!!! Just love this.

wendyp said...

wow! LOVE this! (and I love that green wall color also!)

Stampin' Meg said...

They are EVEN prettier in person!

Stacy said...

Gorgeous and Clever......and the flowers boxes are awesome too!!

scrapper_char said...

You are so darn clever!! I love it!

Karen Jensen said...

I love these they are so adorable! Can you come decorate my house???? Ill trade ya for pics:) HA HA

Natty said...

I'd trade anything for your pics Karen!!!