October 12, 2008

This one is SO easy!!

K, so I took this ordinary white shadow box.

It's white to begin with, but I thougth it could do with it being even whiter, so I gave it a coat of white spray paint.

It has a small lip on the frame front on the inside edge of the box.
I cut a piece of plexi-glass to fit just perfectly inside the boxes width, but only cut it half of the height.

I pushed it into the box from the back to butt up against the frame edge of the front, and then I stuck flowers in it!!

Now it's a Vase!!

And I need more silk flowers, cause I have two of these boxes!

I bought a bunch of these shadow boxes, but I never did anything with them, so I sold all but these two in a yard sale I had last summer.

Now that I've thought of this... I'm thinking I gave some people a bargain find at MY yard-sale.

The coin flipped for this one. Looks like I lost out. Bummer!

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Jen Gallacher said...

Oh my goodness! She used the flower boxes. ;) Awesome idea, oh creative one!!

Kristy said...

SO cute! I love it!

Amy said...

SO ADORABLE! Does your brilliance know no bounds???

Fink said...

What an outstanding idea!!!!! Just love this.

wendyp said...

wow! LOVE this! (and I love that green wall color also!)

Stampin' Meg said...

They are EVEN prettier in person!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous and Clever......and the flowers boxes are awesome too!!

Scrappers said...

You are so darn clever!! I love it!

Summer said...

I love these they are so adorable! Can you come decorate my house???? Ill trade ya for pics:) HA HA

Natty said...

I'd trade anything for your pics Karen!!!