September 16, 2008

Yard Sale-ing again

I haven't actually been more than a couple times this last summer. But I went a week ago, and found a few good bargains. This guy was $5. Average price, not the bargain of the year :)

Normally I like to do lots of photos, but I actually got this clock dismantled, sanded down, and partially stained before I thougth to take a photo.

The handle was pale pine, the clock had a thick coat of pale green acrylic paint on it, and on the front, it had a little painted image of lavender, and the word, "lavender". (Not me)

So, convinced this little project was going to be quick, I whipped out the clock face, grabbed some sand paper, and started taking off as much paint as I could. I went all directions with the sand paper to give it a real rough finish!

Then I got out my walnut stain, and got rid of that light handle, and covered the whole thing with dark stain before wiping it off.

Forcing it into the grooves was the part I liked best. When it's in the grooves, it doesn't wipe off, and then it looks old and funky. It came with the tassle, which I'm just a little unsure of, but I put it back on when I was finished because I think it could grow on me :]

Would you believe... I don't like antiques. I do however like making something look old. I also did this with a table I have... Let me see if I can find the photo....

It's not clean (sorry).

This was a table I found at Big Lots with a Pier 1 price tag on it. The original price was $300. I got it for $87. Not damaged or anything.

It was that pinky/yellow beach color, which I don't care for, so I sanded it, and stained it with walnut stain. It was a beach veneer, so I coulnd't sand deep enough to remove the finish, which is why the color is uneven, but I was happy to just get rid of the beach color. It looks bruised and worn now... like it's happy to fit right in.

DH jokes that I can't leave anything alone. It's true. I think maybe I have to make it unique, and then I'm satisfied to have it part of the family. It's my catch all junk table for the kitchen. I've always wanted one with drawers, so when we found each other at Big Lots, it had to be mine.

Hey, I don't think I've been back to Big Lots since I got this table! I need to. I've bought 400 thread count sheets there twice! They have a lot of junk, but it only takes a few minutes to walk the store and find some gems!

Happy staining!

Find a color you like and revel in it!

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