September 16, 2008


I went to an India Fest on Saturday at a Hari-Krishna Temple. They had a cool gift shop there, with Sari's, jewelry, lots of brass, and among other cool stuff... peacock feathers.

They have a farm, with Zebu, Lama, Cows, Koi, a couple Parrots, Peacocks, and at least one turkey that I saw. It was a neat place. Oh, and they have one of those white Peacocks!

Anyway... to the point... They had SO MANY peacock feathers for sale in the gift shop for .25 cents each I bought a few dollars worth and treated them as a flower arrangement when I got home. I didn't buy any of the feathers with the eye at the end, (they had thoses too) but the ones I got were amazing blue, green, yellow, and orange.

They are like neon hairs... that sounds dumb, but they are so frilly and airy. Placing them in a tall vase, I'm pleased as punch with how beautiful they look. Like I say, kind of like a flower arrangement, kind-of. ;]

Just think how easy they will be to dust. Take them out side, and give them a shake.

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Kristy said...

How cool is that? That would have been a very cool thing for tracey to film. I'm totally in filming mindset these days.

So, so pretty!

wendyp said...

what a cool idea for an arrangement! Gotta love something you don't really have to dust, lol!

Fink said...

Those are totally cool! Yes easy dusting is very true!

Scrappers said...

Thats an awesome idea. Love it.

Stampin' Meg said...

You are decorating so I feel at home with the flock!