August 6, 2008

A Purse Wall

I've had a lot of comments on my purse wall, so I thought I'd share the little trick I did to make it.

I have lots of purses, none expensive, but quite a little collection, so... I wanted to hang them on one of the walls in my “doing room”. When I went to Home Depot I couldn't find anything hanger like that stood far enough from the wall to hang purses.

What I did was buy a couple lengths of extra wide dowel. They are just over 1" in diameter. I cut them with a saw to lengths of 2.5", then drilled a hole into one end of each of them. Then I bought double ended screws, and screwed them into the hole in the dowel. (This is the only real tricky thing cause you have to be careful not to damage the thread of one end while you are screwing it into the dowel. There's probably a trick that would have made it easier, but I used a pair of pliers and tried not to strip the thread of the end I was trying to turn.

Once 1/2 of the screw was in, I stopped. Then all I did was screw this into the wall. I didn't worry about studs or anything cause purses aren't heavy. This way, I could screw them in anywhere I wanted with a distance that was good for the sizes of the purses. (Evenly spaced and all.)

Ya it's a cheap trick, but heck, it works great. I sound like such a short-cuter lately. But sometimes the first idea is one that isn't hardcore and hard to do.

Sometimes easy just works!

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