June 3, 2008

What you can do with a Babmoo Blind

I was given this screen at a yard sale. It was pretty broken, extremely dirty, and tied together with a piece of string. All the hinges were attached, and the frame wasn't too bad, so I pulled it apart!

I removed the woven wood slats and sanded the heck out of the frames. Each frame had a small chanel that these slats tucked into, and were glued. So I did have quite a job sanding down these grooves to get the chunks of glue out.

Having sanded the frame down to bare wood, I then stained it walnut.

I bought a large bamboo blind for $25. (48 x 72" new. Keep an eye out for second hand ones, the savings is great! I have since bought a huge blind from a yard sale for $5 that was 3 times the size of this one. I'm waiting for another idea to strike for that one.)

...and cut it with large tin snips to fit inside the groves on each of the screen frames. This took a little patience because the blind is plyable, it wasn't like sliding two solid things together.

Then I reassembled the whole thing, nailing small nails into the back side of each screen and into the blind to keep everything secure and in place.
It went from ugly and dirty, to lovely and useful. I'm going to place it in front of a closet door that is seldom used in the TV room.

Hope this gives you some good ideas for a blind you might be hanging on to and thinking you should throw out.

ps It was some scraps from this blind that I used when I made the House number ;)
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Anonymous said...

Nat, I am so impressed with your finds. You find the best stuff.
And... I LOVE the end result! ---teri

Mer said...

Dang, Nat...you are SO good at thinking out of the box! I'm adding you to my link list, meager and unread as it may be. ;)

Unknown said...

Nat for President!! You are so talented! WOW!! Love it!

Cameron said...


Stampin' Meg said...

Scatty- you are trash to treasure queen!

CKMommy said...

Wowzers Nat...you never cease to amaze me!!!

WTG Girl..your rock~ :)