June 7, 2008

A Great Big Desk!

I've been wanting a large L shaped desk for a long time now. I thought I was going to get one custom made by someone other than me...

I went to an office supply store and looked at desk sections. The salesman told me it's more expensive to buy the pieces than it is to have one custom made. (sounds crazy) He went on to say the drawers would be the most expensive part at $125 each. So I figured this thing might end up being around $600 and be the desk of my dreams! I gave him my measurements, and the quote came back, at $965.

Ya, this cheap-skate isn't going to go custom via anybody but me at that price.

This here post is my first project towards accomplishing this wonderful desk.

I looked all over for drawers to go under my desk, and I was really surprised how little there is out there that aren't filing size. I ended up at IKEA, (surprise surprise -not) and they too didn't really have what I was after. They had one really cool one called Alex, with long drawers that aren't tall, and it was perfect, but at $119, that was a bit pricy to have more than one, so I had to decide what to get to go with it.

I asked the opinion of many strangers, and was there for around an hour and a half trying to decide! I wished I hadn't gone alone! In the end I was so pleased with what I chose because of the great idea I came up with!

I bought 3 of the Goliat at $34.99 each, and as I started to assemble the first one, I had a great idea when I saw the handles were PLASTIC.

I opened the Alex box, got out a drawer front, and drew a line similar to the shape on the Goliat drawer front. Just down to the holes that were predrilled for the plastic handles.

I taped off the front and back of the drawer before I cut it with a scroll saw.

(Scroll saws are an awesome tool to have. A friend of mine gave this to me. I've had it quite a few months, but until now I haven't needed it or had any intricate projects to saw. It's a gem!)

With each 'handle' cut out of the drawers, I sanded the corners for a smooth finish. Then I finished assembling all of my drawer cabinets.

Once assembled, I used white acrylic paint to cover the raw chipboard edge. It took three coats:)

I knew I didn't want the castors on them that came with, so when I assembled the drawers I left the castors off.

Then I measured the height of everything and the height I wanted my desk to be. I ended up back at Ikea and bought feet to screw to the bottoms of everything making them all the same height.

While I was at it, I bought an extra set of feet to attach to a board that I spray painted white. This is the guy I'm going to put my computer tower on. It may as well match eh?

I paid $10 for the 4" legs, and $12 for the 6" legs. that sounds bit pricey considering what a cheap-skate I am, but I knew they'd be easy, and they were just what I was after. Plus when you do the math.... (and rationalize it...)

$56 for 20 legs ($2.80 each)
$223.97 for 4 sets of drawers. ($55.99 each)

That's actually cheap.

So, this is the foundation for my large L shaped desk. Stay tuned for more :)
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Stampin' Meg said...

wow- I can't wait to see more-I am quite blown away that you sawwed out those handles!

CKMommy said...

Oh my goodness...I can't wait to see the finished desk. I know it will be AWESOME!! I LOVE l shaped desks and I need a new one soo sooo bad!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to see the entire project as we are looking at redoing my entire scrappy room. It is going to cost over 2000 for granite counters, so I'm looking to see what you come up with!
BTW: LOVED the switchplate idea on OTF. That is something I will have to try now that summer is here!
:) Mel

Jen Gallacher said...

Oooh, it's lookin' awesome, girlie!!